So, honestly... Where is the RoomWorks problem ?

Hi, all

As I try as much as I can to get a full 64 bits setup to get rid of any problem that could arise with bridging, I recently reconsidered the bundled Cubase RoomWorks reverb and rediscovered it, in a way. And, actually, I don’t think it’s that bad.

For more than three years, I’ve been using my beloved Ariesverb, which is sadly an abandonware stuff without 64 bits version. Comparing it to Roomworks again, yes, there is a difference using great hall/cathedral kind of settings when you push the send level to an unrealistic one, in example. But well… I must admit that it’s not as obvious than I thought at first place when purchasing it.

So, I’m just wondering what made some of you avoid RoomWorks and choose a third party algo reverb instead and, subsidiary question, which one and for which usage.

Thanks for any insight.

Roomworks is all I have. I don’t have enough experience to tell what’s good or bad about it. I can’t always find good settings for a song but that could well be my own fault instead of Roomworks’s.
The only reverb I’ve seen that I would really like to have (but can’t afford) is VE MIR. that reverb sounds amazing from the product videos I’ve seen.

I’ve never needed more than Roomworks, and, if you haven’t already upgraded to C7.5, REVelation is Roomworks on steroids. I can’t explain why people need more, but hey, it’s always easier to buy another plugin than to blame anything else. When I had only Rookworks, SIR was a welcome addition, but since REVerance added convolution reverb to the Cubase arsenal, I’ve been sorted.

Roomworks and Reverence. OK by me.

it’s a great reverb. i believe the code’s actually been outsourced from a certain then-free vst reverb ;]

and even on occasion (snares/toms) RoomWorks SE.

And don’t rule out 3rd party ‘cheap stuff’ that may be ‘just right’ in a certain situation.

You’re right, I don’t even have Roomworks, I have Roomworks SE.