So how does one keep up with Steinberg application updates nowadays?

I have a lot of Steinberg applications. Cubase 11 Pro, Wavelab 10 Pro, Halion 6, Groove Agent 5, VST Connect Pro 5 and many other VST instruments.

Steinberg doesn’t send us emails when new updates are released. Which I still find very weird! We used to have ‘News’ on the old website where applications were listed in a chronologically order hat have changes or updates and I could live with that. But on the new site layout this is gone.

So now I have actually no way of knowing what updates are released at any given time?

I can open the ‘Download Assistant’ and browse all categories and compare what I already have to see if there is a new version? Or I could go to this forum and have to open all the groups to see if there is something new?

Common Steinberg!! We pay a lot of money for your software. You have our emails because we use them as our login to this forum and our MySteinberg site and you know exactly what licenses we have!

Would is be so much effort for you to maybe inform us via email if an application update is available, like most other company do? So we won’t have to go look for it ourselves?

Thank you for your support!



Sorry, a link to Cubase help is not really the solution.

I just want to be informed by Steinberg via email when an application update/upgrade of an application I have purchased has come available .
This would be the most logical and IMO the only solution to this question!


Yeah I miss the ‘News’ section on the old website. I would check that regularly. Now I just compare what I have installed with the Download Assistant, which is kind of a pain. Hopefully they’ll add ‘News’ back to the home page, or at least a link to it.

All-in for the old Website News display. Would be reasonable. Missing that info there too…

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It’s a start…But now I still have to go look for it myself to see if there are updates. And where is the announcement of Cubase 11.0.40? I don’t see it it there. Nor do I see an upgrade plan from Wavelab 10 to 11. So this is highly arbitrary information.

Let’s be honest. It’s time that Steinberg starts to inform users via email based on the applications they’re subscribed to. It’s no rocket science to do so and we sure pay enough to have this service!

My main 3rd party software I use is from Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments, Izotope and Toontrack.
All of them have their own downloaders/hubs and in all of them there is an easy way to tell if any of the components had an update, and the update is carried out with only one click (two in some cases).
If we have to use Steinberg Download Assistant why not make it the same way like the others?
One glance and I know there was an update. One click and the update is downloaded and installed.
Why do we even have to go to a website to see if there was an update or not?


You can subscribe to the forum by clicking on the bell icon at the top of the page. If activated in the preferences, you’ll get email notifications whenever there are new posts in the “watched” forums. There’s also an RSS feed in case you still like using RSS readers as I do.

The announcement of Cubase 11.0.40 is located further down after all the pinned threads. The recent WaveLab update, however, hasn’t been announced there yet.

That’s the issue with Steinberg and their Download Assistant. It doesn’t inform you about anything!

It’s a stupid application that will only check your credentials. Once you typed this and that is done it doesn’t know what you have or what you need!

You have to go browse and see what updates there are and what you may need?

Totally useless!

So why not include a service based on your profile that will inform you if there is actually an update to download?

But I’d rather get informed via email.

Then I will know when I’d have to start Download Assistant instead of


Yes, I agree, that would be a big improvement. But why do we actually need a separate updater? At least in Cubase and Dorico there’s already the Steinberg Hub that usually notifies about new updates. Why not just click on “perform update” there to start the update process? Studio One, for example, does it that way and it’s great. No separate update manager required.
Of course it should still be possible to download the installers separately if the studio computer is not connected to the internet. But for computers that are, the update process could be streamlined a lot.

Why should I want to go search for updates that I have no knowledge about that they even exist?

Like i said. I don’t want to go searching for updates! I pay Steinberg to keep me be ‘up-to-date’.

Again. Steinberg should inform me that an update exists for a product that I bought and subscribed to!

They f***g make a big deal about their security with their ‘elicencer’ security! So they exactly know what users uses what application?

Is it then so f***k difficult to send individual users an email when an application has an update/upgrade?

I don’t think so!

Sorry, I get tired of explaining the obvious!

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I get your point and I don’t want to argue against it. I just mentioned a couple of ways currently available to get timely information on updated products without the need to manually search the forums.

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Don’t get me wrong! I really highly value your input .

I just think that Steinberg should claim their responsibility!

It shouldn’t be up to us to search for updates while they maintain this ‘big brother’ elicencer system in place.

They should know exactly who uses what and who needs what update!

So they should inform us accordingly!

That was always my point!


I fully agree that Steinberg should notify us by email of updates related to the products we have purchased.

Another very simple solution would be to add a link to this information on the home page of the new site, like this for example:

This is a question asked fairly regularly.
As has been said, other manufacturers are easily able to inform the consumer of available updates, either via a download assistant, or within the plugin itself.
As it is, the Steinberg DA is not much more than a promotional tool, to show you all the stuff you can buy.
If I remember correctly, someone from Steinberg said that they were going to be updating the DA to include available updates.


We’ll see how that goes?

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Found the thread where I asked the same question. Ed Doll said that they were working on the SDA to include available updates.


That would be even better.
I’m fed up with all the separate download assistants and hubs for everything to be honest.
It would be nice to download the installation file for the program and be able to control everything from the app.

Yeah, what Nickeldome said!


@ KevetS - Yeah same idea here! Your suggestion should be really implemented in the SDA. It´s too painfull to check all the Plug`s inside Cubase itself.


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