So how ?

I might be overlooking the obvious…again… :blush: but, after years of using Nuendo, I still have to resort to typing in my clip gain changes up in the info line.
Do we have a modifier command to do this ?? I also occasionally have to use PT, and there is “CNTRL” to do this ( PC )

Or…am I missing a pref setting ?
Sorry if this sounds so bloody rudimentary, but all my changes are not the at required resolution with a mouse.
(standard MS USB )


Hi Andrew
I usually use a mouse wheel while hovering over the clip… makes it pretty darn easy to change volumes while playing

Preferences:Editing:Audio:Use Mouse wheel for event volume and fades


I have made macros for clip gain at various amplitudes, and have assigned them to different combinations of arrow and modifier keys.


I also have key commands to lower the clip gain by 1dB quickly.
Then, there’s the preference "Editing > Audio > “Use Mouse Wheel For Event Volume” which I never would activate because it’s a mine field. You touch that scrollwheel of the mouse and you mess up all your clip gains. But I guess you don’t mean that. I guess you speak about grabbing that clip gain handle and moving it up and down with the mouse, just as you grab and move clip fade handles, correct?

I don’t know why this would not be enough resolution. I agree, if you’re really on the bottom, at -30 and downwards, any move with the mouse, any pixel up or down is about 1.4dB. This only happens if you have hot recordings and want them to be really faint in the background. But then I don’t know if you need that kind of resolution, so 1.5dB in that range is fine to me anyways. Personally speaking.

As soon as you’re in the -20 range, you have 0.5dB per pixel, which is quite good already. And if you use your clips near the 0dB clip gain point, you make changes of 0.03dB. I don’t know why this would not be enough resolution? Or do you speak of something else?

I haven’t found a modifier that locks precision at, say, 0.01dB. It seems there is none. Which is funny. When I hold SHIFT and move the fader, I can really precisely move it with the mouse. It goes into fine mode. But this is not working with the clip gain.

Just so it’s quicker to find:

Key Commands - Audio - Increment/Decrement Event Volume

That’s where the key command is…

Right…maybe I should have rephrased my query…
Is the a modifier to control “fine increments” when entering values in Nuendo on PC ?
I didn’t only mean clip gain, but all numeric entries a’'la PT CNTRL / mouse ??

thanx guys …It’s our ( Canada) Thanksgiving day, and have some downtime. BTW…that isn’t an urgent or deal breaking issue, I’m so used to just type in numbers all the time. :slight_smile:

That’s the way I do it as well +3 / -3

Ok Oliver…I get that. So you would then also have macros to do say…+/- 1 _ +/- 0.5_ and +/- 0.1 fine entries for all your adjustable level settings ?

It could simply my screen or possibly my mouse resolution that do not make fro these kind of quick value entries possible. :astonished:

While I’m in PT, holding “CNTR” can achieve this easily. Again…It’s not a deal breaking scenario, I don’t mind typing things in…

Thanx !

It’s a good question. I use Mouse Wheel to change clip gain all the time. I have an Enable/Disable key command which I leave “On” 90% of the time. Now I’m curious to find the “Fine Increments” modifier myself!

I personally find less use for these sorts of adjustments in the sub-1dB range. The way I work there’s typically some sort of automatic dynamic control (compressor) after playback of the event, so that extra .5dB, if it’s a potential problem, gets controlled that way anyway.

A small OT departure if I may…
Back in my previous life ( being a busy music engineer ) I’ve had a great client, who over the years and many different album projects later also become a friend. He was an extraordinary musician and producer , well respected and celebrated in Canada and other countries.
We’ve developed a way of communicating that was confusing for others. Very off the wall phrases, colors, weather conditions described our sonic picture.
Occasionally when I had the mix layout and played back for him, he would often say " take the cellos up by 0.2 dB, or dip the choir over that section by 1.25 dB. ( my studio was analog with PT HD2 )
This has become my habit ever since, and actually find this kind of precision necessary for example in mastering.

Since then ( about 6-7 years ) he has sadly passed away. Had a non treatable form of leukemia. And I’m semi retired, out of music and working on Nuendo doing TV post audio.
Sorry for the novel. :slight_smile:

So…where is that modifier for fine increments tweaking ?

Sorry to hear about your friend.

I just shift click the volume modifier on the clip. This allows for pretty precise control over the audio volume.

Or, are we talking about something else?

Hmm, I’ve tried all modifiers and combinations thereof…Are you on OSX ? My workstation is PC with N 7.035.
It simply could just be my stock MS mouse.
Can you try grabbing a channel fader either the mixer or the inspector and holding SHIFT pulling it with your mouse ?
For me , the values just jump arbitrarily between 0.3 and 0.8 increments.

Again…typing is fast and accurate , but it is dead on in PT with 0.1 dB fine movements… :slight_smile:

I don’t need smaller values than 1. So I have a key command for +/- 1, when I hit shift as well it triggers a macro for 3dB steps. I have the same system for nudge and trim left/right. Whenever I hit shift with the key command it increases the amount. Easy to remember and super effective.

Yes, I understand and I do also have many nudge, trim, move, etc type of key commands.
What I was/am looking for is the fine increment modifier command like in PT as well as in my Waves plugins. They all do that with >CNTRL<

But…I rest my case and going back to enjoy a few drinks …Danke :smiley: