So how's it going with W10 and Cubase?

Looking to buy a new computer with W10 and gotta admit I’m a bit worried about the stories I’ve heard about Microsoft deleting stuff from peeps computers and the forced updates and the potential for them to do harm to Cubase…
so has it been plain sailing? and is it ok to go for it?
presumably if I get a new puter and keep it off the net I aint gonna get any forced updates am I, anyone doing this?

best, Kevin

Working Cubase 8.5 with Windows 10. About 9 months now. Computer not connected and spent time turning background stuff off. Touch wood this has been a very solid set-up.

I’ve been running Win10 for I guess nearly a year. Love it. I’m running cubase all day every day and It’s been rock solid It’s also the first version of Windows where I don’t find myself thinking ‘I wish I was on my Mac!’.
I have my studio computer online a lot of the time by the way. No problems so far.

Windows 10 running for months, always connected to the net and updates always installed manually.
Though I didn’t even update Cubase to the latest version, it just runs from morning till night without a glitch.

I upgraded my laptop and have had nothing but issues - possibly due to an over-install. A fresh install is too much work for my music machine so I will stick with 8.1.

Running Windows 10 64 bit since it became available. Both Windows and Cubase updated frequently. No problems. Win10 is actually a bit snappier than Win8 was. More stable as well. The only problem is you can encounter some driver issues if you use any older hardware (for example Behringer BCR2000 controller).

Agreed with all the above posters who are having no issues. Win10 and CB run flawlessly. My PC is connected to the net 100% of the time and I let the MS updates install automatically. No issues so far. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks guys, really apreciate the info, :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
themaestro…installed manually? I thought the updates were installed automatically and you had no choice?

I suspected that you were going to be intrigued. :wink:
You have the choice in Windows 10 Pro. You’ll have to set it under Group Policies.
You can choose to be notified for download and for install.
So whenever there’s an update you’ll get a notification and you can decline if you wish.

Working pretty well for me I have to say. Windows Defender is a blessing and a curse. I havent had any viruses or malware but I do have to disable realtime protection about every 6 hours. If I dont it completely stalls some project loads. Particularly ones involving Kontakt. I’ve tried to exclude Kontakt from the Defender scans but hasnt seemed to make a difference.

can windows defender not be uninstalled?

your dead right, I am intrigued :astonished: are you saying you can actually decline updates or are you just defering them to another later time?

If you decline an update, it will be delayed and will appear in the following notifications.
But, by installing a tool from Microsoft, it is possible to uninstall, hide and block specific updates that you’ll never want to install! And of course unhide when you’re ready and you decide to install them.

I too used to have problems - particularly with my discontinued Saffire LE drivers - until someone convinced me to do a clean reinstall. Yes, it was a major pita but I’m so glad I did it. Lots of little glitches disappeared but the main thing was the now utterly rock-solid performance of the Saffire LE. I can hot-plug even mid-playback (outside Cubase, in a Windows player, natch), something that even under Win 7 was distinctly random. The only thing is that following one or two updates - and I mean one or two and not recently - I had to reinstall the drivers but after that back to normal. Just do it, guys, it really does make sense. The upgrade can’t be trusted…

Veeeerrryy intersting, thank you my friend… :slight_smile:

yeah, If I go to W10 it’ll be a clean install…

Try excluding Cubase.exe too. I have not had to do it but there is a forum thread around here that discusses the procedure and benefits for doing so (like less issues and faster start times).

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I was not able to successfully update my DAW from W7 to W10, nor did a clean install work. In every case disk usage would jump to 100% after 2 min to 5 hours from boot and basically freeze the system. There are a number of potential fixes for this described online (it effects a fair number of PCs), but none of them worked for me. So after 2 weeks of trying to get it working I reverted to W7 which is rock solid running Cubase.

On the other 2 PCs I use, both upgraded to W10 successfully and work fine. But I do find the forced update reboots a regular annoyance & kind of big brother-ish. While W10 as an OS is quite usable, it doesn’t offer me anything beyond W7 that I find all that useful.

Drivers drivers drivers :slight_smile:
That is the one and foremost problem, with upgrading Windows 10 if it is not running right.
Not that 10 has a different driver implementation than 8, but it installs generic drivers if can’t find anything suitable.
Windows 10 can start and run, but for DAW use it is best to double check every single driver that Is in use.
Some generic drivers can easily raise the DPC to levels not suitable for DAW use, even the drivers are not audio related.
Expect a lot of disk activity the first day or two, the indexing service scans all drives to build a database but is not intrusive after it’s finished.
That is of cause true if you do an update, if you get a new computer with Windows 10 that should not be a problem.
The forced updates/reboot’s scheduling is something I still hope is going to change in the future.

Drivers were 1st thing I checked. Let what might or might not have been indexing run for several days. Performance Monitor (which worked fine if started before disk usage took off) would show 100% disk activity on system disk and 0% on all others. Additionally there was no read or write activity on any disk including system. Online there were reports of folks with new Win10 PCs having this problem. MS had article about same symptoms, but their fix (registry edits) didn’t fix it for me or many others. There are a handful of other setting changes that different folks discovered which worked for some but not others. :cry: