So how's it going with W10 and Cubase?

Hey mate,
Cubase 7.5, 8.5 on W10 now both 32 and 64 bit cubase sessions. Only issues start occurring when using plugin bridges (for me), and bad setups/hardware issues.
As well, Win 10 setup and setup in general, as usual, requires some basic setup for best performance.
Also, a good Mobo and it set correctly is critical to good ASIO performance of Cubase. I am using Gigabyte ATM.
I recommend following Steinberg setup recommendations to begin, then install the OS from the latest ISO build (downloadable). Also if your upgrading I myself have used the ‘upgrade from’ previous version, and all works good.

One of the best things in W10 is the Feedback Hub, use it often and submit your best issues and suggestions to Microsoft.

Other tweaks to Windows include typical; disable cortana, any thing that you don’t need for startup, disable Search Indexing… Privacy and typical Settings. Mostly a matter of switching off things you aren’t using like any Devices not needed (built in audio card?)…
You’ll also want to update your Mobo firmware to a stable version, and check other hardware firmware and drivers. But I have found just about any USB type device installs by itself, mostly.
Lastly you can use Latency Mon (program) check your system with that, my system at Idle (taskmanager CPU use) is around 5% and that is where I want it and you know your system is configured pretty good at that point.
Don’t use bulky Antivirus suites and if you do make sure to turn off ‘enable realtime scanning’.
Also what I do (don’t know if it improves anything), but I also disable my big audio drives from Indexing (right click drive properties) and turn off file types from other Antivirus/spam scanners - ie .WAV, .Mp3, .CPR) Windows Defender ‘Exclusions’.

Thank you, this is the kind of thing that’s kept me away and may still do so…

I updated from 7 to 10 some months ago. I run everything on my computer: Automatic updates, internet, games, cubase, photo- and videoediting and so forth. Problems: None at all. :smiley:

Just to say that I have a great stable system with Cubase and Win10pro since I updated from Win7Pro 1 week before the deadline earlier this year. Positively free of crashes and drop-outs. I’m impressed with Win10 because it seems to be faster and more responsive (particularly in boot-up). Also, I’ve not found that it’s very different from Win7 so I didn’t find the transition particularly tricky to get used to.

I have implemented a hack to stop Win10 auto updates, so it still prompts me when updates are available but I get to choose when to install them and when to reboot (as I did in Win7). I usually install fairly quickly, i.e. with a few days anyway (as I did in Win7), and I’ve not had any problems recently.

The only problems I had were after the Win7->Win10 update where some scheduled tasks refused to run (this was due to admin permissions and I’ve fixed these now by manually recreating the tasks).

Sorry, I can’t remember exactly where I found the hack but there are many sites which have it and any of those will do.