So I bought the upgrade...

…which came with my Tascam 366, CB6 inclusion was a selling point.

Since I have installed it I notice it will expire, I was not aware this was only a demo.

I like 6, so I bought the upgrade, but I still have not received my new activation code to enter into the eLCC. How long does that usually take?

I’m stacking up the tracks and the limit is harshing my buzz.


If your purchase and email are valid, about 30 seconds. You’ll be sent the code. I am pretty sure the validation/registering process in the eLicenser will send the code to My Steinberg for storage. From there you have a record. But check My Steinberg now, you might find the code there.

Thanks for the reply.

The only license I have in My Stein is for the demo.

I received my Order Confirmation and Invoice, but no License-Key… what do you suppose could be the hold up?

Okay, I found it, sweet! And it upgrades me to v7 so I’m a happy camper, thanks!