So I do video in Cubase 9 now - without Quicktime?

A video player VST:

$15 + VAT and no need to wait for new video engine anymore - low price for freedom.

Works exactly like I want it to - sync with timeline and play in sync - all I need.
I just used a mp4 container and H264 inside - so don’t know about other formats.

I can detach window, and even play full screen on second monitor - and not much cpu used.
Full hd video on full hd screen, 25 fps.

Free Demo play up to 30s video and does not save what you loaded with project.
Just place dll in your vstplugins and start Cubase.

Just wanted to share…

Nice, thanks a lot!

The next update is probably coming in early September or earlier. Just wait a few more days.

Does this player use timecode and display timecode? How does it sync to timeline?

Also I think there is a player that can run from ltc code on same machine or different computer,I forgot what it’s called has anyone heard of this?

FAQ mention some daws and supported stuff and not.

He displays time as HH MM SS ms, not frame in last. If that is by choice or accident I don’t know.
Talk to him, seems like sympathetic guy.

But in Cubase it works fine just position cursor on timeline and video sync right away. It’s independent on tempo in Cubase, just navigate in time.

As I let real project start 8s into timeline, I position a C-note there and it reset time and play video from start and keep offset whatever you do once playing through that C. From then on it behaves as if you want video to start from 0s.

If video has a startslip you don’t want to handle, just drag slider in windows to position where stuff start for real. Ctrl drag for fine adjustment.

I look through video and have a videomarker track in time, and place scene markers where I want them to find specific spots.

I looked for a midi solution too, syncing a player on other computer with MTC.
There are a couple of alternatives for Mac if you don’t want to run daws as players. have ipMidi that seems to be widely recommended and do it over network.

If I start doing 4k video one day, I might look for that. Full hd seems ok on one computer.

VideoSlave by Non Lethal Applications.

fantastic…thank you!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks for the above info, it is useful.
Maybe SB should credit every C9 license with a voucher amount from vidplayvst … ?

If you are hearing, cynicism, - well, it’s true, as I am still perplexed (and peaved off), that Steinberg - a software house that develops product for their liveleyhood,- can REMOVE a feature from a given release WITHOUT providing a suitable alternative and workaround in that same patch release.

It at least says ALOT (to me) about their philosophy on how they treat their end users(people) .
I wonder what feature will be dropped and removed in their next patch update

I agree with with everything you say mate!!!

Yes, it tells a story.

My guess for next drop - Windows 7…then Steinberg already have had the last of my money.
Windows 10 seems like an oddball creating all kinds of issues for people with an ever changing system with these updates.
I’ve seen on Adobe forum as well where Premiere refuse to start unless reverting graphics driver(fixed in dec 2016, nvidia new driver), audio disappear and become mute etc - after a windows 10 update…what is that?

So one can hope Steinberg support windows 7 until Microsoft drop it…I read(a year ago) that about 35-40% of PC users still use it.
Looking at buying new computer just the other day - and workstations still have options for Windows 7 when buying.
Look a year ago - every computer had option with Windows 10 and downgrades to Windows 7, or preinstalled Windows 7 and upgrade for Windows 10 that wanted that.

With various daws, NLE’s and hundreds of plugins - all it’s own software product - it’s bound to create problems one place or another if system change all the time. I am only online for install purposes, but still, if system works fine - why fix it?

Windows 7 - it just works…

Good point. I’m on Windows 10 and after deferring updates for a long time I finally bit the bullet last week and installed all the updates up to and including the creators update. Once updated almost every DAW specific tweak I’d done had been reset to something less suitable and projects for a TV series that I’m in the middle of would stall loading Kontakt and then freeze. Tried various things to make it work but in the end after a wasted weekend I went back to an earler image I’d made of my C: drive before the update and everything of course worked fine again. So now I’m going to avoid updating Win 10 at all costs if that’s possible. I’m seriously thinking of moving back to OS X after many good years with Windows because of this unpredictable update behaviour. Oh and one other thing, there is no way I’m installing the latest Cubase update either until the video engine is finished. Great that Steinberg are working on the video engine and this update is welcome but I can’t risk messing things up - again! :slight_smile: