So.. I ended up making "Cold Lounge" genre


I would like to know your thoughts about this kind of music I’m actually experimenting.
It’s lo-fi, melancholic electro (except the 4th track, which is more harsh)

Thank you for listening! ^^

Hi, Ryan_Kenneth,
Seems to me there are a lot of really interesting harmonic ideas in this one. Not sure about the kick drum, which tends to dominate the whole thing, and put your cool ideas in the background.

Hi Early21

Thank you.
Yes I’m aware of the velocity of the kicks in the 1st track beeing too high, I gonna fix that when I have time.

An eclectic mix of interesting and sometime discordant sounds, I agree with early21 regarding the kick ,

Thanks knmack681 for your comment! :slight_smile:

I’ve reworked the first track “Disolved Inners”. Here is the link:

Took another listen and still think it needs a softer kick, the kick is still very dominants…Just my humble thoughts my friend.

Thank you for your thoughts, you might be right but everyone have their musical backgrounds. For my part, I’m used to listen to electro where the kick is massively dominant…

Also, I’m preparing a 2nd set, there goes the 1st track:

The kick certainly works well in this track!