So, I got an email telling me I could update Cubase 10LE..

So, I got an email telling me I could update Cubase 10LE…

So I downloaded it, re-registered with Steinberg’s site.
I registered the updater.
I have my activation code.

It basically tells me to buzz off.

Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Please, could you much more specific? Where is an issue? What do you see on the screen? Any message? What steps exactly you did before? What would you expect instead of the window you see?


My email has a serial number in it.
I installed the program and go to enter the serial number.
It tells me there is no license to upgrade in the e-Licenser pop up box.
I now have no access to the program.


Is it really Serial Number? With Cubase 10 generation there are Download Access Code or Activation Code in use. Serial Number was used with Cubase 5 last time.

Download Access Code and old Serial Number have to be used in MySteinberg account on the Steinberg web page. An Activation Code has metered to the eLCC application.

If you don’t have a license to update, well … that’s the problem.