So I got Halion 5 but no "Dark Crystals" from Halion SE 2

Good day everybody,

I’m an user of Cubase 7 pro and 8 elements, Right now I’m abroad and only have cubase 8 elements with me. I found a good deal on Halion 5 and I thought I could use it to have back all my Vsts from Cubase 7 Pro… but sadly it does not.

Whereas it includes some of them (Like the Heavenly Voices and Heavenly Pad) it does not include the Dark Crystals one, which is also not include in Cubase Elements. Is there a way to have this particular VST back?

I cannot reinstall Cubase 7 Pro as my eLicenser is in another country, whereas now I’m abroad with an eLicenser for both Cubase 8 Elements and Halion 5.

(On another note, using Halion 5 withh Cubase Elements 8 crashes the latter. I have to use Cubase 7 Elements but I find no problem in doing this as my projects are in Cubase 7 format. System specs are Windows 10 Pro clean install, i7 4790k processor, 16 GB RAM.)

Thanks on advance, specially for the VST help!

Hmm, I was under the impression that a fresh H5 install would give all that SE content.

Oh well…

It seems to me you’re trying to get content from the ‘Hybrid’ SE packs. I’m not sure exactly 'which vstsound containers have these presets in them but you could try this:

Alternative 1:
Even without your USB key, you can still run the installers for the higher versions of CuBase. That should hopefully add the content you seek, and your H5 key should then allow H5 to play that content.

I.E. Install the higher version of CuBase (I.E. CuBase 8 Pro). Obviously you can’t use it since your key is only for Elements. No problem, Just launch Elements as you normally would, then launch your full version(s) Either Sonic 2 or H5 as a plugin. They should be able to unlock and play the content that was added when you ran the installer for whatever higher version of CuBase you added.

I’m advising this under the ‘assumption’ that the content is keyed so it can work with Halion 5 (I.E. I know all that content is still usable for me if I run H5 in stand alone mode). If the content is somehow keyed to CuBase itself, this might not work! It shouldn’t hurt to give it a try though.

Alternative 2: (I’ve never tried this, but in theory it might work)

  1. Download the 7.5 or 8 Pro installers.
  2. Extract it and look in the Extra Content folder. Somewhere in there you should see all sorts of files with the extension “vstsound”

You’ll want to compare all of the HSSE.vstsound files and copy whatever is missing on your target system.

To get an idea of where your installation put everything, simply go to the top level of your system drive(s) and do an explorer search with the HSSE.vstsound wildcard pattern.

Just as example:
Here you can see what all I found on my system:
And here is what I located in the CuBase 8.5 Pro installation kit:
In my case nothing seems to be missing, but if it were: I would simply copy them from the distribution/installer archives into the same directory as the other HSSE content on the target system.

You might need to refresh the media-browser in CuBase to get everything recognized:

Well I tried the second option but sadly did not worked.

I did this by installing the Halion Sonic SE DVD from Cubase 7.5, it installed all the vstpresets but neither halion nor cubase can still see the Dark Crystals vstpreset.

I did refresh the media bay in halion 5 but nothing was found, same case with Sonic 2. So far, I found that exporting the vstpreset instrument worked… but it only allows me to use Halion Sonic SE, not Halion 5.

On another note if I add a an empty VST instrument and later on I select it to be Halion 5 it does not crash anymore cubase 7 neither 8.

I guess something is something heh.

Thanks a lot!

You may have already tried, but just in case try registering the Sound File(s) manually in H5:

Thanks, I tried the method… but the only thing I managed with this was to remove the comments that I had already put on some of the vstpresets of halion 5… fortunately my ratings did not dissapear.

I also finally downloaded the cubase 7 pro installation to no avail, halion 5 simply does not pick up the dark crystals vstpreset.