So i hope Steinberg is working on Audio Over GPU for CB 13?

Just installed that FIR reverb from Audio Over GPU…im on on mac, so .AU only :confused:

But it works very well!!! I got almost unlimited instances in Ableton, i got tired of adding…i had about 100 instances of this reverb and CPU was only 3%

Please please please tell me Steinberg is working close with these guys, so most of the stock plugins are over GPU on mac in Cubase 13, we can wait until November, uh sorry i ment next week :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that is highly unlikely, and frankly, imho they should focus more on fixing the bugs than on audio on GPU (which they most likely don’t have the resources to do themselves and so would need to license the tech from, which is currently still in beta and “coming soon” [signing up to get notified for a SDK results in a 404 on their page)
And most of the Cubase stock plugins are so low on CPU anyway that it doesn’t really matter.
The gpu audio tech sure seems promising, and they seem to have solved some of the problems associated with DSP on GPU (parallelization, latency). It will be interesting if that leads to not just recreating bog standard reverbs and delays but to algorithms that do things currently not possible in DSP due to CPU constraints.

This all seems very clever or retarded , depends on which way you look a t it . UAD 15 years ago tried it , abandoned it . Doesn’t this force you to upgrade your GPU if you are only running some like mine ? and nothings been mentioned about people with multi screens and the impact on interrupts , a lot of people just about get certain manufactures GPU drivers stable enough for audio work so what would the impact be on this , glitching , sluggish Gpu behaviour ?

I’m not dismissing GPU audio , it seems a great concept of using resources but with the price of GPU’s is it really that efficient ?

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yes this is true actually (however this latest version is pretty stable after years of problems for me)

i was just surprised that it worked in the first place…and i think its good that this is in development. For me, the CPU is alway a bottle neck and im maxing out no matter what pc or mac i buy.
In the past i tried Waves and Audiogridder, and both systems kind of work…
But with the Audio Over GPU plugins i tried today, it was a totally different experience, it worked really well and i was surprised the plugins could run on my internal laptop video card.

But i have to do some more testing before jumping to conclusions :slight_smile:

I was just having some fun today

I think it would generate an ongoing upgrade/compatibility nightmare because of complexity.