So I'm have a issue with CBP 8 "Solved"

So I’m having a issue with CBP 8 and I bought the full product ,reported a issue with the new up date from Sternberg,and this is the best response I can get for help-
Off Topic I reported it in" Issues" where do I ask the question then?
Really ? Off topic asking if anybody has a issue with track colors after the update?
Seriously ?
Hello tlockett,

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Sorry, off topic for this forum. See Your message is
copied below.
I’m on a Mac OSX 10.10.5 and I updated today to CBP 8.030 and now I can’t
make the tracks have color in the project window, even though I choose to
do so in the preferences,also CBP 8 crashes when I close a project(song)
Anyone else having issues after this update?

My suggestion would be to take the 30 seconds needed to read the instructions that are linked in that message.

Also, if the title of your topic is related to your question, you will be likely to get more informative responses.

Problems solved…Trash Cubase Preferences