So is 9.5. worth the update fee?

Completely happy with the purchase so far although bezier curves should have been in there a long time ago, better late than never.

I have used cubase professionally since the 80s on an Atari 520ste with the program cubase 2.0 on a floppy, right through the 90s on G3 Macs, running Cubase VST and VST32.

then in the 2000s SX1, SX2, SX3 , until cubase 4.5. on G4 Macs.

from the 2010s till now its been Mac Pro, cubase 5 till cubase 9.

I spent $1100 for the Atari version (Australian)
updated through the VST and VST versions from memory about $500 Australian.

from VST to SX another $300 or so.

from SX1 to cubase 4. another few hundred.

Cubase 4.0 to 9.0 was $497 NZ according to the credit card records.

ok. then 9.0 to 9.5 at $99 New Zealand. its not cheep to stay with cubase.

considering that everybody used cubase in the 80s and 90s, and now its not the case.

part of this is the upgrade costs, especially with regard to alternative options.

I bought Logic Pro x for $199. much better value for money.

however I have used cubase so long that its hard to get the same workflow on anything else, so I stay there.
but think the updates should be less expensive, to reward people like me for all the money we have already given to Steinberg.

just my opinion. spaceman


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Best update/grade yet nothing short of inspiring.

This upgrade is actually one that has been worth the £50 I paid for it and this has not been true of all upgrades. Nearly all the improvements are something I wanted, plus it seems to me that 9.5 64bit sounds better too. I guess that some people were not recording music in the early 80s and experience the delights of recording on a compact cassette. Believe me we were, unbelievably, grateful for this revolutionary technological development. It is sometimes forgotten how lucky we are now. Yes I do think it is important to point out issues for improvement, but we must not forget where we have come from.

I’m still on 8.5 and I’m afraid to update becouse stability. 199 euro is ok for upgrade (i’m also on PT 12.4 HD and the upgrade cost about 1000 euro! - that is insane!) When I first time watched Youtube video about new features I was so happy! But when I discover that new automation system is not in pianoroll editor I decided not to upgrade. I hope they will upgrade cc editing in pianoroll aswell. Also I’m looking for importing Groups, FX tracks etc. like in PT.

So if your a home user and happy with 9.0, the ideal; time to upgrade would be 1st November 2018, then you would also qualify for the grace period to 10 :slight_smile:

Personally I’m happy with the price, I would much prefer to spend about £50 each year and the devs have the finance to keep tweaking and improving.

Regarding piracy, in my youth (now 53) I spent every penny I had on home computer software (vic20, C64, Amstrad 6128, Atari 520ST), still have tons of disks somewhere in the attic. Along with all the stuff I bought I also shared loads of stuff with friends.

One day one of them gave me a pirated copy of Steinberg Pro 12. I loved it. I then went on to buy Pro 24, and then Cubase for my PC and over the years have spent probably a few thousand on Steiniberg products. I often wonder if this would still have been the case if I was never given that initial pirated software, no internet in those days and I read very few magazines, was either playing my synths or at the pub/gigs most of the time.

This is the important part for me. I was also complaining in a seperate thread…but I was under the impression I was going to have to pay more $ to get to 9.5 then 10. If its the same fee divided by 2, then I’m ok with it I guess.

But Steinberg …get some of my feature requests in there for 10!! Please, I only asked for a few and some are super simple :slight_smile:

I really think they are going to get a surge of annoyed Logic X users over the next year, if people start spreading the word it grows organically. I mean very basic recording stuff just simply doesn’t work for me anymore in Logic. Cubase is the pro platform (sans pro tools) for sure in my opnion.

In my opinion, 9.5 is worth the update fee. But the update fee is not worth 9.5 :smiley: , it’s worth 10. :laughing:

Yes!!! This upgrade is worth it. There are some issues to be fixed. But 9.5 is a step in the right direction.

But 9.5 is a step in the right direction.

Amen to that.


For Artist, no. For Pro I’d say yes.

i always get the Upgrades, ewen if i like it or not… its my DAW sins the ATARi ages… an i dont ned to pay insanly alot of Money if i dont Upgrade for years… 50Dollar og an OK fee to pay, i dont like it, but i do it… Cubase 9.5 is INSANLY good, and eye candy… my Music get 10 timse better, and i get more fans… hahaha…

lol i cant wait for Cubase 10 …hehehe

Yes, I’m very happy with 9.5 so far… :slight_smile:

One of the best updates in a while, really feels complete now with more insert racks and bezier curves. Only thing missing now is a more full featured sampler, but I won’t hold my breath on that. Curious to see what 10 will bring now that most of the major omissions have been added.

So to add my 2 cents, I started with SL2 and always felt that I’d invested in a system and this was the one. There were a few yrs in between when I my not have even used the software. Im simply a home user. That also means when I have the spare time from family or work, I’d like to have a working tool. While I am not a power user, although I wish I was, I am so pleased with what my stuff and the guys I jam with sounds like that there are no complaints.

I have trouble with learning so much at an older age but I get thru it. I wonder what I’d spent over the 14 yrs or so I bought all of the upgrades? I would happily do it all over again. So yes, it’s worth it

For me, without a doubt: Yes. It’s a very great update for me and is mostly very reliable (always was since I started with 8, but even better now).

Still plenty of work to do on the GUI consistency and making it less click-y and more intuitive – am hoping that Steinberg continues on this path of refining and bettering the workflow and efficiency.

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