So, It's back to 8.3 then..

8.5 will not shut down…evrythime I try to close it it freezes and I have to force my puter off…can’t believe it :imp: :imp:
luckily for me 8.3 works like a dream ( no crashes, opens projects and closes when I want it to) and 8.5 seemed to continue onwards and upwards…'cept for the not closing thing…which is a killer of course!
and no…it’s not my system…it’s Cubase…

…WTF :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Hello there
i also had that problem.

Could you please try the following:

go to the Steinberg Program Folder and look for the Folder “Components”. There you will find these 4 Files

Move these files to a different folder so that Cubase won’t load these on startup.
Let me know if this stops the “Crash on exit” Problem for you.

It did for me

greetings Novik

Hi and thanks for your reply…I’ll give it a go but I’m downright tired of trying to fix Cubase everytime I update it…
I’m gonna stick with 8.3 ( which is just awesome compared to the first 8 version) and in future I will wait for a trial…if it doesn’t work then I 'aint gonna buy it…period…

we should all do this and they may take a bit more time making sure the software is fit for purpose…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

I don’t get freezing on exit on my 2 systems. This leads me to believe the software is fit for purpose. If you don’t even want to try a suggestion to help your problem then I don’t know why you bothered posting in the first place.

+1 on the previous post.

Once again with all your issues posted it consistently points to something is up with your system. Have you tried another audio interface/ASIO drivers? Is it one of your plugins not playing nice? Hang on exit is not the experience the majority are having.

If you read the post very carefully you’ll see that I said I’ll give it a go…which I did and it made no difference…

…my version of 8.3 is awesome…performance meter very low, no crashes etc etc…juat awesome…and it closes ok
then i foolishly upgrade without waiting for the trial (will not happen again) and Immidiately a couple of probs…

so what the heck has just changed in my system when I can use 8.3 for hours with no probs then immidiately after closing it open 8.5 (using the work around because it has a problem opening the usual way) which will not shut down…
so in the minute or so between the different versions my system has malfuctiuoned has it…? no way… it is clearly something to do with the software when after the upgrade it doesn’t work properly…in fact one of the problems has been accepted as bug I believe…ie…the not opening it’s own projects in the normal way thing…

that for sure is nothing to do with my system…
I get the feeling that you would just love it to be my system…dunno why

but…hey, 8.3 is great…it’s not like before when it was almost unworkable…I’ll just wait till everythings fixed…
same thing happened with 8…the first version was a problem then 8.3 came along and all the problems just dissappeared…
just wanna stop paying to be a beta tester…


  • guys if you look around the forum you’ll see lots of people having problems they did not previously have…
    so are all their systems suddenly wrong? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kevin… I agree… it points to severe inconsistency however this is not the general public’s experience with Cubase. This again points to something in your specific setup. I am finding it difficult why you aren’t seeing that logic? +10 people in the forum having a similar problem out of how many thousands does not equate to a majority of users…not even close. Not saying your problem isn’t real, I’m again saying it might be something specific in your setup and/or the hardware you are using (or even specific plugins). Rebuilding your OS from scratch isn’t troubleshooting. You need to be a detective and see what triggers this. For example: If you open a blank project and close Cubase… does it hang? If not then I ask the question: Do all projects hang on exit or do some not? Is the common denominator a plugin? Maybe one of your plugins no longer works in 8.5 and needs to be upgraded or addressed by the developer…maybe they didn’t follow the VST standard… Just giving you a scenario that could be the problem and is specific to you and maybe a few others using similar or same software.

Most likely a install or OS issue, 8.5 working pretty good for me.
But I’m on win10, and always install with “run as admin”. There are some issues I hope they manage to fix, but they are the same in 8.030

It’s system related , i have no issues with 8.5 closing , even with projects from other versions of cubase and here’s a little video to prove it to all you non believers

I’m on PC Windows 10 pro 64bit (without the “run as admin”)
and Cubase Pro 8.5 is running very well for me too.

After finally upgrading to Windows 10 I regretted holding out (on Windows 7 Ultimate) for so long!

same problem here…never had it before with ANY other version back to 3.7. same system has run v6/6.5/7/7.5/8 with no crash on exit. this is definitely a cubase 8.5 issue NOT the system.
THIS IS NOT A FEATURE BUG that can wait for a fix.
THIS IS A FUNCTION BUG that should be addressed immediatley. (not 3 months from now)
when a customer pays full price for a product they expect to get the full product cycle useage from the product.
this bug makes the software unuseable in a professional environment. waiting for an extended period of time for a fix results in being unable to use the product that was paid for. please issue a hotfix as soon as possible. clients expect to see current software when they are paying for a service. this crashing software cannot be displayed to a paying client.

If you read your own post very carefully you’ll see that you say you’ll give it a go but before doing that you are sick of beta testing and will stick to using 8.3(sic) anyway.

Maybe Steinberg should go back to an old school dealer based system where you have to buy the software with a pre built tuned DAW machine, then everyone can moan about the monolithic unobtainable DAW and the people that shell out for it can just get on with using it.

Seriously, which part of “It worked fine in the previous version” do you guys don’t understand when you keep insisting that it’s a system, OS or user error? Over and over and over again, throughout this forum.

Even if it was the system, why can’t Cubase catch the error and raise it?

I thank you for your continued concern my friend but are you really suggesting that my system which runs C8.3 like a dream with absolutely no problems is suddenly out of order 1 min later when trying to run C8.5…
like I said before I had problems with the first version of C8 which all disappeared with the 8.3 update…irrefutable evidence that it is not my system surely!! :slight_smile:… I currently have a wonderful version of Cubase running beautifully (8.3) yet people are telling me my system is pear shaped…
if it is how come it’s running 8.3 so well :question:
I’ll be sticking with 8.3 until they fix 8.5…we already know the opening projects problem is a fault do we not?
and apparently another poster on here has the not closing problem never experienced before,

I know software is a difficult thing and we all have different systems and somethings gotta give…but this is a company that is actually carrying faults forward…this does not fill me with confidence I’m afraid… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m very happy with 8.3 but common sense and history has taught me a lesson…do not buy a cubase update without trying the trial first…yeah, I’m stupid :laughing: :laughing:
regarding the trial…is it not interesting that the trial is never released with the update…it’s always a while later…could it be that they are waiting to see what problems us paying beta testers discover before they release the trial?

who knows :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m not here to badmouth cubase when running well it’s fab…as is my version of 8.3…I’m just saddened that such a simple problem as opening it’s own projects in the normal way (an admitted problem , remember) gets released…how?

best to all
Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The only time I have had a problem with Cubase not shutting down correctly has been when I have done something wrong like turned of the audio hardware while Cubase was still communicating with it, other than that Cubase has always shutdown correctly for me in something like 20 years of using it.

Yet you seem to be saying this is not system specific.

Cubase 8.3 opens and closes perfectly…8.5 doesn’t…can you tell me what has happened to my system in the minute between these 2 actions please… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and why it could not possibly be cubase… :question: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
which already has a known fault…the opening projects thing…

actually…looking at this fix he had to do does this not indicate a problem within cubase, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I understand you don’t have a very logical mind and can’t separate things down into component parts, like how you keep bringing up a known file opening bug when discussing hanging on exit.