so many complaints

I just want to say I have been loving cb6. Sucks for the ones with issues, but mines solid day in and out; besides the small quirks. Wanted to show some love!

Same here… I’m on C6 and it’s been amazing so far. I’m completely shocked to read all of the issues other people are having. I must be incredibly lucky or something…

Can’t wait for the 5.3 update!


He has no <3 for C6.

Like you C6 is SOLID on my system. Quite pleased ad especially for a x.0.0 version!

The 5.53 update will come before 6.

He has no <3 for C6.

Like you C6 is SOLID on my system. Quite pleased ad especially for a x.0.0 version![/quote

Lol, i get it. Well, whicheva update comes; I am a happy camper.

I don’t have C6 and am thinking of getting HALion Sonic instead because 5.53 will be the equivalent of C6.01 only less features.

Steiny are doing awesome work let there be no doubt.

I agree.
C6 runs great here no problems and looks good too.

There have been far fewer complaints than usual when a new version comes out, quite refreshing really, C6 works well for me.

i totally agree ,steinberg should be praised for the stability of a .0 as like you i have had c6 running on xp for a month now with no issues ,its doing exactly what it says on the tin for me ,but it would be nice for us to have some sort of idea when the .1 will be released for those small bugs !

C6 is also running well here.

Two weekends of live work and 8 days in the studio.
No probs so far. All C5 projects open and work just fine in C6.

And you can run timestretch no problems yeah?

C6 have a lot of new useful features and run very fine here.
Ok, some x.0 issues will be fixed soon, but the “compromise” is not a problem, considering that fixes will be released about in the end of march (rumors…).
I think C6 is the most stable .0 release.

I think a large proportion of complaints are from the usual moaners who seem to have great expectations from the program with very little effort from themselves.

+1 +1 +1 also

Been happy. Only a couple of times it has collapsed but it’s under sooo heavy use with the rest of my software simultaneously running, that it’s no wonder. Makes me really wonder if those people’s - who have problems - PC’s + Windows is otherwise intact. As a PC professional I don’t have to take too many guesses whether they have Windows 7 for starters + all the updates + a GOOD virus/malware detection software (recommending Norton). :wink:

Damn, I upgraded C6 right onto C5 and imported every single bit of information from C5. I basically had to do nothing than start opening the “old” C5 projects, and they worked like a charm.

Yep, a few minor issues, but nothing that dramatic that I would start writing them here :slight_smile:

Good to see everyone enjoying this release as much as me.

There’s a certain amount of truth in that.

I believe the issue many people had was that bug fixes should be a free upgrade (ie: version 5.xx), and only new features justify a V6 tag.

But there didn’t seem to be much in the way of new features (just tweaked old ones), and as a retro grade step, the appearance has made it more difficult to use (whether it looks better or not is irrelavant - useabilty is the most important thing).

I haven’t had Cubase itself crash so far (Kontakt has thrown a wobbly once or twice), so V6 is looking more stable, but that’s a bug fix not a new feature.