So many issues and no mods to confirm

i couldn’t care less that nuendo has just been released (but i find that funny that nuendo has been released beginning with version 6.0.2)and that’s more than likely the reason for no steinberg interaction, there has been so many issues arisen from 7.0.2 and only one has been acknowledged by the mods …

NUENDO 6.0.2 as the first release that proves to me that C7.0.0 should never have been and steinberg are trying to pick up the pieces from a bad release , shame on you steinberg ,the more this goes on the more the plot thickens !!! :laughing:

Are we going to see any mods acknowledge these issues in the reported issues forum some time soon or are we going to be put on the back burner until you sort out all the new mixer issues in nuendo ?

Huh, I have had few to no problems with Cubase 7. In fact I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Yep, it will always work … for some …
Sadly, that is slowing down the fixing process.

And yes, Nuendo is the other big slow downer.
Has always been and will probably always be …
Did I mention the “product count / available recurses - disbalance” ??

And yes, often Cubase has been the public beta for Nuendo.
They pay much more, they have higher demands, they’ll get the (more or less) usable version.
Guess my demands are even higher … will have to wait for .03 or up.


They are most likely working on 7.03. I think I read something about that.

Also, today is International Women’s Day, so Steinberg was probably closed. :laughing:

I just looked into that forum. I only see one confirmed issue on the first page. Whaddayatalkinabout?

A few days ago US support has started corresponding with me about a couple Score issues I and others reported via support tickets, asking for more info or clarification, so I would think they are actually working on it.

:laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen: :wink:

I have to agree with you on that one. I don’t like dissing Steinberg because they do try to do their best (however don’t get my started with their old hardware and how everyone just got left hanging in the wind with the stuff Midex 8, Huston etc). Yes though, this has always been the case with Nuendo, and should not be.

Well, according to many, SB’s communication is first rate:

the communication on this forum is great

I’ve been impressed with Steinberg popping in and answering feedback on the forum.

I believe SB has become one of the best companies at disseminating info to their user-base in a timely way.

Looks like you missed the boat, filter…

Well, I have to agree with folks in that thread and with haloinreverse, because I have always been subject to excellent service by Steinberg. Though I am of course only speaking from my own experiences with Steinberg.

Well im happy that your all so happy ,but the fact is there are a lot of repeated issues being posted since 0.2 and no acknowledgement as yet from steinberg , if these were one off cases that could not be confirmed then fair enough but they are not ,they are real issues for professionals wanting to move on to the latest version but can’t and just because you happy bunch don’t have any issues doesn’t mean they don’t exist they do and all most people want is a bit of acknowledgement .

Stability wise here c7 seems fine but there are many erratic one off behaviours in the mixing console that can’t be ignored in c7 .
Ive never had a problem with steinbergs support ,if i have needed to contact them they have always been very helpful , but this is not a single report ,this is a mass of people with the same issues wanting to be happy campers like the fan boys .

Oh jeff i didn’t miss the boat i just bought a hoover craft ! :wink:

I thought I saw some threads in the confirmed issue forums noted “fixed in 7.03” which isn’t out, but a sign of what to expect.

They need phone support back. That is the biggest thing of all that pi$$e$ me off. Without phone support as far as I’m concerned “support” doesn’t exist. I told a friend they no longer have phone support and the look on his face was one of complete disbelief, he was shocked. Try selling a product to someone for $500 then tell them you can’t call for help when you need it, you have to wait for an email response. LOL!!! That in itself boggles my mind.

The last time I had a support issue, they called me, logged onto my machine and helped me out.

Just because you can’t call, doesn’t mean you will not get support on the phone.