So many questions

These might be due to the poor user manual not helping, but here goes:

  1. I added a pizzicato marker in a score. When playing back I just get the normal violin sound. Is pizz. there just for show in a printed score? Sibelius plays-back all techique marks as expected, shouldn’t Dorico do likewise?

  2. Sibelius allows you to select a note or group of notes and then raise or lower them in note increments using the up and down arrows. Does Dorico have a similar facility?

  1. Sounds haven’t quite been sorted in Dorico yet. Daniel’s advised that they’ll be sorted in a forthcoming update.

  2. This feature exists in Dorico. You need to be in “Write” mode, and you need to use Alt in conjunction with the up and down keys. Alt+Shift+up/down arrows will give chromatic movement.

:slight_smile: I’m not sure if this warranted a new thread, especially titled ‘So many questions’. Have a quick search on the forum first before creating a new thread!