So: MIDI CC from VST to Quick Ctl MUST go External?

It seemed like such a simple thing: a VST Plugin that generates MIDI CC routed to a VSTi Parameter that can only be controlled by mapping it to a Quick Control because it can’t be directly assigned to a CC. And it took me over an hour to figure out and get working!

It seems the only way to do this in N5 is by using an external loopback MIDI device to send the MIDI out of the DAW and back into it, and mapping the CC# to a Quick Control in the Devices menu.

This seems a little crazy to me. Am I missing something? It seems like such a useful thing to do, and IMO it should be really easy and certainly shouldn’t require external loopback software. Is this any better in C7/N6?

FYI: a working solution is to use a subhost and remap the parameter to a CC using that…,