So much for my Christmas gift this year...

…I was going to buy myself the Komplete 8 crossgrade ($369 at various retailers).

But now we’re going to move at the end of November, possibly to South Carolina (900 miles away). And I need to get a Microsoft Technet subscription because I’m at the end of my rope supporting my wife’s laptop, which runs Vista. Plus I need to upgrade her to Office 2010.

So much for Komplete. Now I can’t even afford Jamstix, or the Cubase 6 upgrade. Ugh.

Ugh indeed… :neutral_face:

That’s guite a move, 900 miles… work related?

Good luck,

Just get OpenOffice and pay for everything else on the saving.

I may do this. Do they have an iPad version of their suite too? I’ll have to look…

I’m trying to make it work-related. It’s to live near my father after the passing of my mother this February.

Respect :sunglasses: This is good karma. And my condolences too.

Perhaps things will swing round in your favour sooner than you think.