So much loading and waiting around

There is a lot of great things about Dorico, but it seems like for me there is so much waiting around when I perform operations. For example

creating a new player in Setup takes 10-15 seconds to create
Then I click and drag it to reorder and it takes another 15 sec to do that
c/p measures takes about 2 secs
selecting and unselecting a part from a score or layout in setup mode takes 5 secs per click
Saving a project takes 5-10 secs

These are with condensing turned off and I have a Working Layout that is only on the flow I’m using

I can’t think of other things but lots of things just take a while to perform and its frustrating. Any idea why or what I can do to improve it? My cpu is not that bad, I have an i5-6500

Hi @kupo15, I doubt this would be the cause but how large is the flow and how many players?

Does changing the Playback Template to Silent change anything?

Next time you’re in there, I think attaching a Diagnostics Report is the thing you might need to do for the team to check it out.

Select Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file.

You’re also welcome to attach the project for us to test.

Hi @DanielMuzMurray , I have 5 flows varying to about 60, 120, 90, 30, and 30 measures long. The players are standard orchestra shown plus a few more aux players and standard 5 strings. I’m trying to figure out the best to clean up percussion right now, used to do them as kits but planning on separating them out into players instead

Also, is there a preference that when you create a new player, it does NOT add it to all flows? Its super annoying and pretty sure that would at least reduce the load time of initial creation

I think I’m on silent?


Setup mode operations are slower than we would like, certainly, and this is an area where we have plans to make improvements in future versions.

You should find that saving your project is a bit quicker if you go to File > Project Info, scroll down to the bottom, and switch off Generate thumbnail previews when saving.

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Thank you, that certainly made the saving faster. Glad to hear there are plans on improving performance on Setup mode. I have to ask though, is my amount of waiting in Setup mode excessive even for what you’d expect now? I look at the Dorico video tutorials and what I see there is so much faster

Also a request that the checkboxes are easier to click. Its always been finnicky detecting when I’m clicking the checkbox vs the surrounding player box. The collision detection hasn’t been great and the checkbox is too small. You’ll see this in the video below as well

Is there a way to by default not have newly created players added to all flows? That’ll also help with Setup slowness

Any insight on why copy pasting music takes a while? Also inputting notes and deleting notes also sometimes takes too long as shown below

That certainly does look a bit slower than I would expect. Would you please share the project file with me, along with details of where exactly to perform each operation, so I can have a go at reproducing it myself? If you don’t want to share your project here, you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

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