So no upgrade offer for older Pro versions of Cubase?

I’ve been using Cubase 7 for a few years as it’s the last version I bought before exploring other DAWs before finally returning to Cubase, however, I’ve noticed that all the special reduced upgrades to the latest version of Cubase EXCLUDE users like me. If you own all the other versions like Artist & AI, great! However if like me you purchased the PRO version and happen to be on an older version, we’re lucked out. Such a shame, was on the verge of upgrading until I realised this.

Besides the rant, there is actually a question in here…

Do Steinberg ever offer discounted upgrades to older Pro users (ie 7 or earlier) and if so, when was the last time they did this offer?

the Update18 offer ran for first half July.

I’m convinced this offer didn’t run as I was looking out for it. I check the Steinberg page regularly (I’m talking every few days) plus I’m signed up to the mailing list AND rss feed.

Can anyone else confirm that this was an upgrade offer for PRO versions of Cubase to the latest versions for 40% off?

I think the Update18 offer might have been a different offer??

Covered in Steve’s links but…

The UPDATE18 offer was most certainly valid albeit only running for a short time (ending mid July). It would have been the offer you wanted (for updating older versions of Cubase Pro and Artist to the current iteration).
It was not publicized on the Steinberg website as far as I am aware but rather via email (though not to everyone!), I learnt about it from messages on this forum.

Thanks for confirming this and what a disgrace to Steinberg! I’m on the mailing list and got no email offer.

The reason I’m so annoyed is because I missed out on it last year so basically since then I’ve made it a thing to stay as updated as possible so that I catch it next time around. The fact that I have to check in to the forums to hear about it or catch it online randomly is an absolute joke.

Heading over to Trustpilot now, moaning to Steinberg about the way they do certain promos won’t change anything.

Thanks for the info guys, appreciate the clarification on this.