so not Ready For Prime Time...

The collected Issues subforum is locked. How to report issues now I wonder?

let’s see. Today’s issues:

  1. enabling one more external effect causes 0dbfs signal on an unrelated channel and an immediate crash.
  2. mixer GUI is fubar - on mixer 1 anyhow, thankfully there is a mixer 2.

Earlier issues that have not been commented upon or adressed;

  1. UAD treports Cubase 7 is “not qualified” and UAD tech support claims that this release was not sufficiently tested by Steinberg and assures me that steinberg will eventually rectify the issues.
  2. external effect implementation (upon which I heavily depend) has evidently changed and not been fully vetted. Latency calculator often causes crashes and requires several tries (closing C7 and reopening) to get a new external effect working.

And by the way (Steinberg apologists) I can open today’s mix in Cubase 6.5, add the new external effect and it works flawlwssly. I just have to wonder, since the entire mix has happened within C7, what might be lost in that workaround.

I like the new ideas in C7, but Steinberg needs to quit using us as uwitting beta testers and charging us for products that aren’t fully developed.

And someone should respond to my request for external effect routing to be saved with the project file. I have asked repeatedly in this forum, I have emailed Germany, and I have asked tech support.

If you look more thorough, you´ll see it´s not locked completely…

How do you figure? It says locked at the top and at the bottom.

At any rate, last time I checked, I’m the customer with a flawed product. If there’s double super secret forum to report new issues, it would suggest that steinberg isn’t really that interested in user feedback.

and your signature indicates that you aren’t even using C7. If that’s the case, why did you bother to reply to my post?

it is open , you can post your issue there

Ah…the old locked parent open child forum trick. Posted there. Thanks.

Yes as said - look more thorough

You don´t have anything in your signature, so why posting…?
Seems I don´t need to have anything in my signature to see the obvious… And apart from that, I can answer any question I like…

I didn’t question whether you could post anything, I questioned your motive.

I posted because I have an issue with a bought and paid for product that does not entirely work as advertised.

And, no, the existence of the subforum to the forum designated as "locked’ is not “obvious” - at least to me - perhaps because, aside from when Cubase issues distract me, I am too busy actually working to spend a lot of time posting in this forum.

There´s no need to question my motives, because they´re not your business.

And I posted because I had a solution to one of your “problems”, but according to you, one should have a certain signature to post here…?

Hi, steveschizoid

Sadly, I can"t help about the issues you are experiencing. But, in a more general way, I just have to say that we have the same feeling : C7 is not a disaster but there are so much flaws in it (UI regrassions, dropped features, slowed down workflow, clunky MixConsole, useless RCE, more resources used with less responsiveness, and so on…) that I didn’t even bother to put C7 in my signature, simply because I don"t use it for serious work.

I keep on testing it, though, because it is sadly the future of Cubase and I’ll have to cope with it one day or another, unless I feel someday that enough is enough and decide a switch. For now, I am expecting that, at least, some of the issues will be fixed and the UI straighten up during C7 version life.

Just hope for you that, as me, you have a C5 or C6 version at disposal…

Thanks for the empathy. I didn’t really expect any help because these issues are bugs. It’s quite frustrating that Steinberg evidently doesn’t prioritize the aspects of their software that I use every day. I may come to enjoy many of the new features, but I hate the the cost that seems to come with them…Why does the audition tool reaspond so much slower and no longer work on shorter sections of audio?..Are there really so few of us that use hardware inserts that it just doesn’t matter to anyone that hardware insert implementation has been seriously compromised? And UAD advising people that their plugins may not work with C7…really? And the brand new Mixer coming riddled with GUI bugs…Was Steinberg aware of all these issues and asked long term users to cough up $150 anyway, for the pleasure of being beta testers?

i’ve always had an issue with the digidesign/avid business model and the fact that up until now Cubase has basically done what PT does, and done much of it it better, for a fraction of the price. But that really does seem to be changing. If the money was there I’d be switching to Pro Tools today.