So now that Nuendo 5 users got Cubase 6 for free...

Through the latest Nuendo 5.5 update, how about throwing us Cubase users a little bone? There is a feature I have been wanting to see in Cubase since Nuendo 5 came out over a year ago, but it never did make it into the Cubase line up. It is never too late.

The function in discussion is the selection range where one can use the pencil tool in the previewer section of Mediabay to highlight only a portion of the displayed waveform for either a more focused and centered playback of only the desired portion, or to have only that portion dragged into the project window straight out of Mediabay itself. Since seeing this in action in Nuendo 5 I realized it was pure genius to include such a function and really hoped Cubase would also exhibit this. I am very disappointed to see that both Mediabay integrations are identical to each other minus this one very neat feature. Please Steinberg, squeeze this function into the Cubase Mediabay. I don’t feel it would be difficult at all considering all the other coding is already done and Cubase and Nuendo share the same code base. I see no reason why this should be a post only feature. I understand you have to have some distinctions between each product, but besides this function, there is still plenty of differences to set each program apart from each other . I feel being able to select a range from the previewer in Mediabay would be so useful for copying only a section straight into Groove Agent One for instance, where finer tuning can be done with the start and end points adjuster included in Groove Agent one, and of course the direct dropping of audio right into the project itself. With Halion 4 just being released this summer, this is another great reason why the pencil tool in the Mediabay would be such a nice addition to Cubase. Being able to select a portion of audio from the previewer to drag and drop straight into a Halion 4 slot would save a ton of time and really speed up workflow with very little fuss.

I am sure others may have forgot Nuendo had this function, but I haven’t and I still hope to see it in a Cubase update, hopefully through the V6 life cycle.

Thanks for reading.

bump! I would still love to be able to use the pencil tool in the preview portion of the Mediabay in Cubase 6 for cropping out sections like Nuendo users have been doing for awhile now!