So Sad So Mean So Funny

Here is what I think will be the last song for my album for friends and family.
Find it here, first one in the list:**

I played guitar and bass. Other parts are VSTi.

Appreciate any comments or tips any of you would like to provide.



**NOTE: This is now moved over to - 4th track of new album

Very clever piece, impossible to tell if this is a group of excellent muso’s jammin together live or if it’s multi tracked, this is way over my head, I would give a bollock to able to play like this…or even program my drums like this…can’t believe your asking for tips…you don’t need any !!..Kevin

Yep. Another great one Early. As Kevin said, I think you play and write very well. I love the sound of your guitar. Great work. I couln’t find anything to critique.

Thanks Kevin and Jl for giving it a listen, and for the kind words. I really appreciate getting some feedback. Other people on other speakers hear things that my own ears adjust to after 1,000 listens! I’m not really satisfied with my mixes, and strive to learn with each new piece. I do A/B listening against pro recordings I admire and try to figure out what’s been done that I can try. People here often give a lot of good ideas.

Hear what your saying early but a good piece mixed a million different ways is still a good piece…just becomes a matter of opinion, technically and musically this is right for what it is !!!..Kevin

Hi Early,

Great piece, well played. Sounds good to me.
No comments really, just enjoyed listening! :sunglasses:

Nice guitar sound, is it a Gibson ES?


Crazy sh/t, man! Very entertaining. I love your arrangements. As usual, taking me on a little journey.

The bass tone sounds really nice to me. Full and balanced, yet still well defined. The playing isn’t too shabby, either!

Overall really nice sounding mix and performances. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Wim, thanks for giving it a listen. The guitar is actually two guitars. I started out with my old SG, because it has a vibrato bar on it, and I wanted a humbucker sound. But that guitar doesn’t stay in tune when using the vibrato bar, and I wasn’t satisfied with it. Later, I got my early Xmas present, which was a vibrato bar that I installed on my Les Paul. I went back and re-tracked the beginning up to the middle section with the Les Paul. Tuning much better, and it is not obvious, I think, that it’s a different guitar. Anyway, the jazzy solo is the SG. I do think it sounds closer to the ES-335 than the Les Paul does. But now with the vibrato bar on the Les Paul, it’s going to be a while before I play either of the other Gibsons!

Hey Scab, appreciate the comments. I am definitely trying to take you on a journey, so happy if it does!

The bass is direct into Guitar Rig – one of the bass amp models. I was previously using a line out of my bass amp, but I feel that I’m getting better results with this setup. Even though I know it’s heresy! Using a Fender Jazz bass.

Thanks for listening!

Hey, Early,

Really diggin’ this one! Great playing and programming. Unique and original.

I hear hints of King Crimson. Can’t decide what else. :slight_smile:

No nits on the mix - very clear, punchy and well balanced. Good job!


Wow! First time in a while I dropped into “MwC”

If this is the type of stuff we’re listening to nowadays I better pay attention.
The music is excellent. What else or how else could you have played? :sunglasses:
The mix is perfect. It could be different but not much better! And it’s your mix …

if it was mine … :confused: I’d probably would try some dirt or overdrive to get the squeeky clean stuff to gel more.
Maybe it would reflect the “so mean” part from the title as well.
That said, this maneuver could just as well ruin the whole thing as well haha but worth a try?

Thanks, Lenny! Which King Crimson? Was a big fan of the Fripp/Belew/Levin/Bruford lineup. Saw them once in NYC… fabulous performance. BTW, looking forward to your album? Coming soon?

Thanks for listening, glad you like it!
Interested in how you would dirty it up… have gotten that “too clean” comment before from others, but I am not sure what I should do. I put a tube amp simulator over the master bus, and I’m using Ozone as well, with some harmonic distortion added. Are you referring to specific instruments, or are you suggesting a master bus treatment?
Thanks for any advice.

Nothing in particular - they were just a band that came to mind as I listened.

Yes, I released it back in August. I announced on facebook but forgot to post it here. I’ll have to
fix that tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

Very competent! Great mix and performances. You don’t need any advice… but rather… what can you teach us! :smiley:

Trademark quirky/interesting with great guitar! Have you heard the Fabulous Austrian Trio? They do some really interesting quirks that might appeal to you(I’m thinking of your suggestion of Oz Noy - great player - Alex Machacek from F.A.T. is not dissimilar in some ways).

Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas present - was it a Stetsbar, and if so how did it fit and how are youfinding it?


Thanks, Ian, it helps to borrow others’ ears. I usually lose my perspective. I can always use advice, I’m still in trial and error stage with mixing. I’m still fiddling around with this one, too. I hear stuff in your mixes that I don’t know how to do.

Steve, thanks for listening, appreciate the comments. I will look into F.A.T. I like quirky!

You guessed it, it’s a Stetsbar. Very happy with it. It fit just fine on this guitar, and it still fits in the case. Was considering that Bigsby adapter but was afraid it wouldn’t fit in the case, and to be honest, I never liked the Bigsby on the old SG. The Stetsbar went straight on with no issue, and requires just a few adjustments. It seems to hold tuning just fine. It’s a lighter touch than the Strat vibrato, so it took a little getting used to, but I think I like the lighter touch. The one thing to mention is that it takes a little longer to tune the guitar because tuning one string affects all the others. So you have to make a couple of passes. But I am definitely recommending it. Now this Les Paul has pretty much everything I wanted in a guitar. Don’t need to shell out $4000 for that Alex Lifeson model now!

Steve, found them on the web – great suggestion! Never heard of them before, but I’m a fan now! How have I avoided hearing about Alex Machacek up to now?

Hey Early,

Glad you like FAT. I’d never heard of them until about six weeks ago, and in fact they were an automated suggestion by Amazon after I’d bought some other jazz CDs.I’d not heard of Oz Not until you mentioned him here. So many good players, so little time…