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Sorry to have to repeat a recurring theme, but I need to get this sorted before I pull my remaining hair out!

I have a MacBookPro 2015 with 16GB RAM. I run Cubase 10 on this, without any problems. And I understand that Cubase more or less uses the same audio engine as Dorico. However, Dorico is SO sluggish in comparison. First of all, it spends ages to open, while “waiting to connect with audio engine”. While it is doing this it hangs up any other process on the computer. And yes, I have been through the various checks regarding the eLicenser connection.

Once loaded, before I have even input anything into a new Dorico score, each menu item is very sluggish to load and then to register typed input.

I am an excited as anyone else about Dorico, having moved to it from years with Sibelius. But this speed issue is a severe limitation for me, and I would be MOST grateful for any suggested solutions.

Thank you

Henry, how many cores are you running?

This certainly isn’t the only factor, but it is a consideration.

Have you tried closing Dorico, then force quitting the VST audio engine process?

Henry, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file that Dorico will create on your desktop to a reply here.

On my 2014 MBP (16GB RAM, 2.2GHz 4-core i7), Dorico takes 20 seconds to get to the Hub from launch. During that time no other process is hanging, and I can use any other app.

I only see sluggishness with very large scores: possibly some types of complex notation affect things more than others.

So the good news is: the problem may be fixable. I would certainly test the problem in a new user account, and see if that improves things. If it does, then you’ll know that the problem is a user setting or conflicting process in your original account. Or perhaps a corrupted cache.

We have the same system, and running in to what seems to be the same problem. I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone, and that makes me hopeful that it’ll get sorted soon!

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Thanks for your quick response Daniel, here is the Diagnostic Report

4 cores

Thanks for your quick responses guys, it is appreciated.

My mid-2015 MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 2.5GHz 4-core i7) takes about 16 seconds to get to the Hub from launch. Like benwiggy, I only experience sluggishness with big, complex scores.

Thanks Stephen … just out of curiosity, have you got Cubase installed on your system?

Hi again Daniel

In case it’s any use to you as well as sending the Diagnostic Report I am also attaching an Apple Crash Report from when Dorico last froze (with very high CPU usage). Hope this helps.

I would be interested to know if those MacBook Pro users who DON’T have Cubase installed are free from these high CPU problems.

best wishes
Apple Crash Report (138 KB)

Henry, I’ve had a good look through one of your application logs, and it looks to me as if the vast majority of the operations you carried out in your most recent session are executing in the kinds of times I would expect to see, e.g. 50ms to add a fingering, 10ms to open and close a panel, 60ms to hop the selection from one note to another with the arrow keys. That session lasted for the better part of an hour, and there is no appreciable difference in the time taken to execute commands at the end of the session and at the start. So to me it appears that the speed of inputting and editing the score looks absolutely fine. However, I do see that there is a long delay when first connecting to the audio engine (over a minute) when Dorico first starts up.

Is Cubase running when you run Dorico? Is it any different if Cubase is not running? Do you use the USB-eLicenser or the Soft-eLicenser? Is your Vienna license on the same USB-eLicenser as your Dorico/Cubase license?

By the way, there is absolutely no evidence that having Cubase installed on the same computer as Dorico leads to higher than usual CPU usage in Dorico, or slower operation in Dorico. Dorico and Cubase are both installed on thousands of machines worldwide.

Thanks for your attention Daniel. Well it seems to me that the Dorico Diagnostic Report was taken when things were functioning OK … which it is some of the time. But most of the time there is a delay in loading menus etc which is more substantial than ANY other program I use on my Mac. So when I next get this slow performance I’ll do another diagnostic report. By the way, I have never tried running Dorico and Cubase at the same time, I haven’t needed to. But the snappiness of Cubase, even when it is handling a multitude of tracks and VST instruments etc leaves Dorico way way behind even when Dorico has practically nothing loaded. This is not to say there is something wrong with Dorico, it’s just something wrong with my configuration or system. Maybe I should just try uninstalling Dorico and reinstall. I’ll keep you informed and meanwhile thanks again for your support, even on a weekend.

That will certainly rule out the Dorico application files as being the cause. :smiley: As I posted earlier, a useful test is to create a brand new user account, and then test Dorico there. That will show you whether the problem lies at the user level, or at the system level. User issues are things like corrupt or incorrect settings and preferences; caches; or conflicting third-party processes that are set to launch in the original account.

Given that this problem seems to affect a small number of people, I’d say it’s more likely to be a user-config issue than a system one, though of course there are system-level settings and launched processes.

If it is a user-level issue, then you have to go back to the old account and do a bit of detective work, testing the app with no third-party processes launching; temporarily deleting preferences and then trying again.

all good advice Benwiggy, thanks. I shall proceed!

It’s hard to say at this stage, but I don’t think the issues being reported by Henry in this thread and mbira in this thread are likely to be the same.

Henry, when you next encounter slow behaviour, do make a new diagnostic zip file, but also make a note of the time at which you experienced the slowdown, so I know which log files to examine. You should also take a spin dump at the same time, i.e. go to Activity Monitor, find the Dorico 2 process in the list, click the cog icon in the toolbar, and choose Sample Process from the menu there. Then zip up and attach that sample text file as well – that will allow us to see some of what’s going on inside Dorico itself when it’s running unexpectedly slowly.

Thank you Daniel, I’ll do that.

Henry Morris:

Just FYI, I have essentially the same computer you have. I do not run any DAW. I experience none of the sluggishness you have described, no slow downs, no crashes. My largest score has thirty-two separate staves per system and is many pages long. No issues.

Hope you get your situation figured out.

I want to say a big thank you for all the intelligent and civilised support in this forum (which I have hardly used before), including from people who obviously have very little time on their hands. Much appreciated