So the new USB interface can do what we want for the mr

So if the MR816 had two adat inputs we could have bought one mr816 and 2 analog to adat converters to give us 24 direct monitorable inputs…

Are the Techs in japan going to work on fixing the big issue with the MR Series now they have finished making something new for people to buy?


Thank you



…or +5 in my case - I’ve invested in five MR816’s

I’d like that Volume Knob that lets the user independently vary each of the 8 outs …

Hey SB … how about an Upgrade path? Now that would be breaking new ground. :wink:


+1 for the direct monitoring.

But…If there was a mlan driver (32 & 64 bit) can you then mix and match other MLAN devices to be one big ASIO device in a modular way like ASIO4ALL?

That’s exactly what mLAN did.

MLan was a perfect system for me until windows 7 came out and Cubase 6 no longer supported XP (yet now we all see that you can run Cubase 6 on XP but steiny wont support it "which is fair enough ").

So what are you offering Steinberg?


We also have 3 of the MR816 Units … Direct Monitoring was promised and never delivered.

The ADAT workaround is messy (and never worked for me), plus is killed off the ability to use ADAT.

I’m really concerned Steinberg has ignored this for so long.

The manager of the studio I work for has been writing to them about this for months, and they banned him from this forum because he won’t drop the issue??

My real question would be, can 2-3 UR series units monitor directly between themselves. Also will Steinberg swap our 3 out for no cost to the UR series?


I’m not affected by the Direct Monitoring issues of multiple MR units … But if it was a feature promised in writing ( ie in the specs ) at the time of purchase, then you have a very good case for getting a full refund or at least an exchange for a product that meets your needs… Maybe this USB model.

But if it was just a feature to be added… Or mentioned as a possible upgrade then , you won’t get far. Unless you have that promise in writing.

I don’t know in what context the ability to direct monitor across multiple units was mentioned by SB /yamaha originally.

If you think you have a case I 'd put it all in writing to Yamaha’s executive customer care of your country … Get the letter to be a signed delivery… And work from there. You might have to get a Lawyer to write a letter too citing your local consumer law. But it"'s worth it if you believe you have been sold a product under false pretenses. I"'ve had to do this twice, both to major manufacturers and have been successful both times, without actually going to court.




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Interesting Lee.

Thanks for your input.