So this is new...

So I have two group returns - One mono from an 1176 and the other from a stereo pair of SSL comps. In this case I am sending the snare to both… When I solo the two group tracks one is delayed about 10ms so the solo’d sound is phasey… I only noticed this because the snare sounded weird and as drunk as I might have been last night it wasn’t THAT drunk…

So I started messing around and get this… I went to Studio Setup -> VST Audio System -> ASIO Lynx (I’m running two Lynx AES16Es) -> Control Panel and changed the Buffer size to 256 and then back to 512 and the problem went away.

So now when I start a session I am going to run this same test and always solo group returns traversing analog external fx.

While I’m not at all crazy about this (whatever and whoever’s fault it is) I can live with it but I thought it might be useful info.


Could you attach a screenshot of the Audio Connections > External FX windows, please? Is there any latency set in it?

Do I understand you right, it behaves like this with an older Cubase projects? Or is it the same with new Cubase 10.5 made projects? Once you save the project (after you adapt it), does it work when you open it next time?

When you do this Buffer Size change and then open other project, do you have to do it again? Is it project related or “Cubase session” related?

Hi Martin,

So as luck would have it I cannot repro this today. Everything is working as expected. I did mess around with BIOS last night on my ASUS x99 Deluxe mobo… I reset the BIOS to default, changed the base clock frequency to 125 (from 100), changed the CPU multiplier, disabled C states and speed step. I also re-seated the Lynx AES16E cards and header cable.

I was going to post this update but I’m just getting started today.

Thanks for responding!