So this is the new Music Studio?

Ashamed of what?

As far as I can detect he’s brought Music Studio into the Steinberg family and is promissing that he/they will continue to support it.

At the same time Steinberg will benefit from his knowledge and expertise in their development of Cubasis.

Sounds like a win/win situation to me assuming all does proceed as stated.

Where are all the promised updates that never came?
assuming all does proceed as stated.

You’ve had 19 updates since December 2012 when you were running it on your iPod. Still can’t see anything for Xewton to be a ashamed of.

Hi uncle808us,

We do our best to continue to support Music Studio as we did in the past.
In this regard, expect a small iOS app update to be released shortly…

Best wishes!

I think this is a good thing. Congrats. I am looking forward to see more updates for music studio.

this is better, bigger team, better, faster and bigger updates, it’s overseen by a company which are experts at makig music programs. THIS IS FOR THE FREAKING BEST! it’s like any change that happens is an act of selling out and cowardlyness but in reality it is for the better

Thanks for your positive comments!
The next Music Studio maintenance update is planned to be released shortly.

Fine We’ll see. Nice hearing from the Fan boys I used to be one till the promises wore out. When was the last improvements update?

I run the Android version and hope that the promised update is coming. :frowning:

Hi MadLadDesigns,

Unfortunately the Music Studio update will focus on the iOS app version this time.

Music Studio Support

Hello everyone.

I will try to be positively critical and I apologize for extending myself so much in this comment.

I have been selling for many years. In Spanish we say: see coming from afar … (I do not think the translator does his work here correctly …). For a long time, in my opinion, this application is not updated in the right direction, possibly for economic reasons. And the management of the company has decided to sell it as a solution to the problem.

It’s funny, but unlike other similar programs, Xewton did not offer payment options constantly to get new instruments, effects, etc …
I would have paid for them.

I think the company would have generated more doubts if it had told users that it was for sale, or that it had an offer to buy , which, on the other hand, companies of this type do not do (In big companies if other things happen …)

It is a very good product to start in music. I have used it from the beginning and it is difficult for me to change to another program, although its sounds are better in quality and variety of instruments.

I hope you understand the concern that causes a situation like this in the users, when it is the competition that purchases precisely the product of the competitor, being, in some cases, the objective of this purchase the elimination of the competitor.

You indicate that you will soon develop an update of the application: it is good news, but it must materialize in a prudent time to clear up some doubts. What are some of these improvements? Could you advance some more accurate information?

Thank you

Hi Midisound,

Thank you for your message.
The maintenance update is planned to be released very soon, and will be announced immediately once available.

Music Studio Support

Is the Android version being abandoned? Is there a planned update to the Android version? or is it just iOS for the foreseeable future?

Dear People!
First of all i just wanna say a friendly “Hi there… i am new in here!” from “Musician 2 Musicians”.
Scince Ages my Nick in my Hometown (small industrial City in Mid-Germany) was/is Cosmo, cause those other Musicians here who knew me, also knew that my 2nd Temptation is SciFi and Space.
Beside that…(obvious!)… our Band’s Name… is "The CosmoNoMADs"

BUT;…back to TOPIC! :slight_smile:
I use Music Studio as long as i got an (back then) iPOD Touch 4G (on iOS 6)… which might be around 8(?) Years ago.
Today… iOS11 and an iPhoneSE does a smoother Job, and ONE Thing i wanna say:
Music Studio (for ME) is really the best DAW one can get… (besides Cubase, which i use even longer)… for MOBILE working!!
Scince i’ve bought the Upddte to PRO, i really enjoy the Quality of the Instruments!
Cause i’m living with my japanese Girlfriend… as a Musician, i’m deeply interessted into japanese Instruments!
And therefore… i’m REALLY “in Love” with the KOTO in MS!
3 Years ago, we visited her Parents in Osaka…where i bought a nice handmade Koto.
First thing i did… was to sample it as precise as i could (but not in MS) with “Soundforge PRO”.
ONE Thing i must say:
There is NO big Difference between my original Sounds… and the Samples MS uses!!!
Congrats 4 THAT!!
Before this writing will become a “Novel”…i try to shorten my very first “Contribution” here… cause i never EVER wanna bore you all!!!

I have a Question to the latest UPDATE!
This morning my iPhone’s Update-Section gave me a “HURRAY!”, when i saw that entry.
So… i’ve installed it… and opened MS.

Well, sorry:
I searched and searched… but i really could NOT find ANY way to CREATE FOLDERS, and/or select MULTIPLE Files!

Can ANYBODY give me a Hint???
I mean; could it be, that the APPLE-Server did a “Mistake”, and… sended a damaged Update-Package?? Is THAT possible??

To make a long Story short: i would be SO HAPPY, if someone ANSWERS, cause: i’m REALLY happy with THIS Improovemrnt… cause i often thought about having a clean Folder/File-Stricture.
And NOW when its available… i cannot use it, cause i’m too dumb to find out HOW!

Big THX for any Help,
Greetz from Germany,

You have to create the folders in the Files app not in Music Studio I think

Hi Cosmo,

Please launch the Apple Files app, and choose Music Studio from within the menu located on the left.
Once chosen, you’re able to create folders and select multiple files in the Music Studio direction on the right.

To select multiple files on import:

  • go to the “Projects” screen
  • tab “Share”
  • select “Files”
  • tab “OK” followed by “Import”

In this dialog, the select button allows to import multiple files at once.

Music Studio Support

Hi Music Studio Team,

Unfortunately the question from MadLad Designs is unanswered up to now. I’m interested in that answer too:
So will Music Studio also to be continued as a Steinberg App for Android?
If not I don’t really understand the problem. As far as I remember, Alex already worked for months on one new codebase, which should support both, iOS and Android. Why not using this codebase to support both OS in the future with the same development effort?

Best Regards,

Hi Marc,

Music Studio for iOS received an update just recently.
Alongside there are long-term plans to further develop the app.

Update releases will be announced once they become available.

Music Studio Support

Hello Music Studio Team,

Yes, that is, what we already now: At least for iOS Steinberg will continue the work on Music Studio. But you have to admit, that your answer is kind of evasive.

Music Studio for sure is a great piece of software, but for Android it still lacks a lot of functionality the iOS version has. So all Android users looking forward to the new Android version of Music Studio (version 3), which never has been released yet. I (for sure as well as many other users) really would appreciate a proper anwer. So I will repeat my question, to hopefully get an answer:
Will Steinberg also continue the work on Music Studio for Android?


I use the Yamaha BT-01 Midi Adapter on my Akai EWI USB to communicate with Music Studio through bluetooth for live performance. Unfortunately, sometimes a note sticks or continues to play when I move on to the next notes. Is there a fix to this? Thank you.