So tired of Nuendo's routing

Our interface has 512×512 channels. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to reroute all the external fx channels everytime Nuendo decides to forget it all (which is constant) Im about ready to look for a DAW that doesn’t require this of me anymore.


that sounds like a real drag. have you directly contacted SB support and gotten a response? if so what was it?
I’ve seen this issue pop up but don’t use external gear a lot… but in a music studio with 512 channels (!) that is really annoying.

OMG, I can imagine! Sounds like the same issue like we have here. The post is also tagged as “feature request” / “issue”. Let’s put them together. Maybe it helps.

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Looks like presets for this section have been requested for awhile: External effects favourites - #6 by Graveley

I’m not sure why they wouldn’t add a “preset” drop down similar to the output tab.

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And even farther back ugh: Option to save preset of External FX in the same way as in/outputs. - #17 by rockrecorder

Guess we shouldn’t hold our breath for this, but it would be great to at least have a reason why this isn’t something that could be added in Nuendo 12. I use this section as well, and can’t imagine having that many tracks to reassign during a session.

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Presets would not be a viable option here, as 128 of my outputs feed to the Dolby RMU (external renderer), which are different for every project.

Right now, I have a Dolby Atmos project due Monday morning. I got the mix finished yesterday and now I need to render a master file, so that I can make an MP4 for quality control, check it at home on my consumer-grade 7.1.4 system and binaural on my phone, then come back tomorrow to master it with the stereo master for final release.
The Atmos Renderer Remote was acting up (turned out it the window was floating somewhere off screen for whatever reason), so I reinstalled the program. At the end, it tried to automatically restart the PC. Despite me hitting “cancel” it nonetheless closed Nuendo the moment I told it to save. When I reopened Nuendo, I got the gray preferences screen that pops up whenever Nuendo isn’t shutdown correctly.
Upon reopening, I went back into my project… all my outputs and external fx send/returns are now completely reset. None of my Atmos objects are connected because the outputs no longer exist, the bed is disconnected for the same reason, the LTC generator is disconnected for the same reason, all external fx are still listed in the F4 window but all are disconnected, 7.1.4 Master Out is no longer listed in the outputs, Stereo Out has been added, yet for no logical reason all of my inputs are still listed but also disconnected.

Nuendo is otherwise by far the best DAW and its a million miles ahead of everything else when it comes to Atmos in every other way, but this is a MASSIVE problem. Nuendo isn’t worth a penny to me if its only useful for ITB. Infact, you can’t really call it professional software if it can only manage to function right for in-the-box amateur work.
There is either a solution for this or this is a deal breaker

Ouch that sounds like a very painful thing to need to setup again.
However, i think the presets still would have helped. As you reinstalled the dolby renderer software (which i must honestly say is quite a gamble just before a deadline with nuendo open) you would have been able to save a preset for your project. I do that for other things and has saved my butt.
Nevertheless its weird that N12 forgets all settings so radically.

How do you contact SB support?

Just look for the preference file “External Plugins.xml”, copy it to another location and if Nuendo fails again with the external connections, copy it back to the Preferences folder and overwrite the one in it.
Or duplicate and rename the .XML extension in the same folder as a backup.
That should be saving a lot of time.
I have to do this sometimes with my 42/42 external channels too. Steinberg seems to ignore this problem for whatever reason - I reported it many years ago.

Interesting, normally when using the external Renderer with pro tools via Mac, saving the Renderer’s config file and the DAW io settings together for future project access seems to work fine. However I noticed you mentioned you were using a PC (which I prefer), so I’d assume the setup is different here.