So very disappointing.

Yet another underwhelming Cubase release.

I’ve been in this Cubase game long enough to have reasonable hope for a little more.


Personally, the only thing that really disappoint me very much : the price of the update !
100 € when you already have 10.5, this is scandalous !

AFAIK, the last update costed 60 €… But “of course”, laws of the market, etc…

I think I will stick with 10.5 for long, long time… Unless of course there is a super-promo… I don’t know why, I strongly doubt it…


Most dissapointing is that Cubase still sports a UI that’s 20 years old

Goodbye Cubase…:frowning:

Remaining Dorico and Wavelab in my toolset…

+1 on the price being laughable

Things like HIDPI scaling should have been fixed back at 10, yet here I’m asked to pay $100 just 2 1/2 months after upgrading to 10.5 in order to finally have this deficiency in the program fixed. Remains to be seen if ARA is any better as well, another “feature” I paid for when upgrading to 10.5 that’s for all practical purposes unusable. Not gonna hold my breath assuming it’ll be fully functional, but if it is then congrats, Steinberg. Another extortion to get a feature we already paid for. “Just pay $100 more and it’ll finally work! C’mon, it’s not that much if you just embrace the sunk cost fallacy!”

Make the upgrade from 10.5 half that price, and I’ll grumble my way to the checkout despite Steinberg having spat in my face again.

has the font become customizable in size?

Cubase 11 looks great - really excited by its features! £85 is a bargain for an upgrade.

Yes this definitely not a good move on cubase part… I have 10.5 and why should I have to pay $99 for a .5 upgrade… I guess I’ll wait until C12 …they will lose alot of upgrades over this… unless they have a black Friday special and make it $49 like it should be…

It is expensive if there’s not much in there which you need, and you just want to remain ‘up to date’. But, in all honesty, i just wait till the summer offers and you get it near half price. If there’s not value in there for you to buy today, then the logic is to wait.

If more people end up taking this approach then they’d have to adapt their pricing, but it clearly works for them and they’re in the business of paying people’s wages. For people who make use of the new features 100$ may be considered a steal for them in the time it saves, or features offered.

Let’s be glad that both approaches exist, and that people get paid for their work.

These threads every update cycle are what is ‘so very disappointing’, and truly, just sort of self-centered.

There’s hundreds of things I want that were not added to this update cycle, and a few things that are pretty no-brainer essential needs


1.) Cubase still has hundreds of things other DAWs don’t
2.) Nothing is impeding me from continuing to do great work and have fun
3.) You could take away %90 of what is in Cubase, and never update it again, and it still wouldn’t impede me from doing great work and having fun
4.) This update has a TON of great stuff that adds a TON of value for $100.

The export window additions alone, are something that will MAKE ME MONEY by SAVING ME TIME.

The SuperVision analyzer plugin alone is alone worth $100

Plus Squasher

and Frequency 2 dynamic EQ

and Imager

Yes I have other plugins that do these things, but… I may be re-installing less plugins next time I reformat/build studio computer and thus have less broken plugins to worry about.

You get a Lite version of Spectralayers that can extract vocals from a mix

and being able to see Global Tracks in the MIDI Editor… very very very handy update.

Not sure how anyone can complain about $100!

Totally agree! there is quite a lot of value per annual cycle updates for 150 euros especially considering how much individual plugins generally cost at the moment. Downloading asap!

On the bright side, The freq2, the analyzer, and the squasher make the 100 no issue. I cannot think of a 3rd party plugin I need now outside of synths. That is for mixing. Mastering I would still use other software.

I agree that people shouldn’t complain about paying for new features, it’s just a matter of whether the new features are things you would actually use, and so it’s subjective whether the update is worth what they’re charging.

My problem is that they love to do this thing where they add big features in previous versions that don’t work as intended, then never bother to fix them despite many people (myself included) having paid for the software specifically to have those features. And instead of just putting them in a maintenance update, they throw them in with some other, usually more superfluous things (like added plugins), and suddenly you have to pay $100 just to have what you should have had when you paid them for a previous upgrade.

Am I missing some critical reason why they couldn’t have put the HIDPI fix in a maintenance update for 10.5? Is it somehow inextricably linked to their other new features?


erm… I think people expect too much these days.

This great update includes many of requested features.

Hint: Nobody is forced to update every version… :bulb:

and nobody is forced to have an opinion but still do

I think the issue was compatibility between Windows 7 and WIndows 10… It is a bit of a mess for software developers to work within this conflict of maintaining support on 15 year old OS’ while coding for emerging technologies that weren’t even in existence or thought of with the older OS.

I’m interested to see if C11 will work on Windows 7 without conflict/graphical issues, because they officially stopped supporting Win7 for Cubase 10.5 even though it was mostly compatible.

Unless you’re on Apple, they force you into everything.

I consider Steinbergs approach is like a professional mastering engineers approach , a little change at a time with decent touches , all these features added especially the metering plugin is worth it alone in my book . You’ll always get the pro -Logic, Repear ,studio one fanboys coming here complaining about the release , it wouldn’t be a decent release without them complaining

that’s nice… I’ve been using and paying for Cubase since 1996, and I reserve myself the right to have an opinion

and we reserve ourselves the right to have an opinion on your opinion.