So... What about Solid State Drives ???

Hello everyone!

I’ve lost the track about the new SSDs in DAWs, and I was wondering, are they good only for the C drive (OS, softwares, plugins, etc) are also good for the drive on wich I’ll record audio? And what about the “samples” drive?

Are you suggesting me to have SSD or SATA drives for one of these?

Any dvice is very appreciated!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is surely not the advice you may be looking for but I am set up with 2 SSD drives to run Cubase 7. My win7 OS runs on SSD c: drive thru the 6gb SATA connection on the motherboard. My system has 2 other drives for data one is 1tb and two others are 500gb each. My C7 and a few content sets run off another 60gb SSD thru another 6gb SATA . It has been set up for about 2 months and so far works well.

It takes a bit of effort to keep some some software from defaulting to the c drive for installation as what was using about 30 gb initially has swell to near 52gb . Again no issues so far

as an

OS drive :nice to have windows seems snappier programs load quicker but there is NO performance gain for audio

record drive: complete waste of money unless you are doing lots of 96k tracks (past say 60+) then a 512g is a better option than 2 standard in raid 0 but is small.

samples drive: ideal for this particularly when using very heavy sample libraries or numerous libraries. things like loop/synths based would not take advatage where stuff like LASS/HW strings etc would

**Have 2… love em.
1 for my OS and Programs, the other for Programs and anything I want to load faster.
Remember, even if you have things being loaded into ram, they still have to be loaded from somewhere…
Nothing better on a huge project than quick load times! :nerd:


It’s just that in the beginnings of SSD, there was compatibility issues, etc, so I was wondering if It was now ok to use them safely.

In the HDD world, one of the most trusted is the Western Digital BLACK series…

Is there a SSD that is known to be on top of the line?

What would be the “WD Black” of all SSDs?


i actually prefer Seagate for audio (quieter) than the WD… both have the same fail rates


nothing else especially OCZ

Samsung has a good line, I am using a 256 gig. I think the price of the big jobs is gonig to drop when this baby comes to market

SSD Reviews & Comparisons :nerd:
afa HDD, I go with WD Black because of the 5 year warranty.

I have a System SSD.

and 2 others, one for Sample library for Kontakt 5.

one for Cubase projects folder.

they cost more but they are quiet and lightning quick!

I think the cost will come down and they are a little over priced at the moment. But once you try them you’ll never want to go back. You can fit a Windows system on a 256 gig, this is expensive, but as long as you keep emptying your user account folders like downloads, my pictures, my music etc and shipping this out to another drive the system drive can be kept below 256 gig easily. You’ll notice snappier performance. Then you’ll want more!

No moving parts, no noise, quicker, they’re the future


What do you mean by “You can fit a Windows system on a 256 gig” ?

Windows doesn’t take 256gb of space?
You mean Windows + all the other programs?

its working here with a full whack of apps