So what goes on here these days?

Bought a new computer and making sure my browser links are all still there I discovered I still had a link to here!

Dusted it off, and clicked on it, and look… it worked!

Anyone I know still here?

Tis a bit quiet, but still quite functional :slight_smile:
Welcome back!

Join in, been too quiet! Welcome back.

Good to have another voice here. Welcome back ! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Yes, still here… but it’s been very quiet lately.
Don’t contribute much myself either…

But there’s still a lot of interesting music in the Made With Cubase section! :sunglasses:


Greetings Mark!

It’s business as usual.

Good you didn’t experience a dust explosion from that link of yours. :wink:

I like links with a few eggs now and then… :laughing:

Its a bit of weird one. This place has just died. Its like one post an hour. Soo many posts just ignored. In a way its kinda sad. I mean im one who comes and goes. But i like to know this, what was a little community, is always there to fall back on, or just to contribute something of interest. But this place used to be heaving. And i guess i cant work out why its not now. Gearslutz is doing ok. Maybe this will change. But for now you gotta wonder if its even worth posting.

A while back, summer of 2011 I believe (?), it was getting out of hand to some extent… hence some bannings went down, that took a bunch of the spirit out of the place. Its amazing how a few individuals can stimulate so many others. Take that away, and its grizzly-gulch. Lots of good folks still here, but we mostly have other places to hang… :sunglasses:

I think the banning of a couple key forum personalities definitely had an impact on the whole vibe of the place. The Paul/Glen removal really put a damper on things. I also thought the Zebbie banning was rather uncalled for.

Things seem to have loosened up a bit lately with the mysterious disappearance of Chris B. (I wonder what he’s up to these days - he said he’s still a forum member but haven’t heard anything from him). Ed Doll seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. I enjoy his posts.

But yes, I agree with the quoted statement. I think it’s a combination of people having other outlets and maybe even real lives to contend with. Wait until winter sets in (for us Northern Hemisphere folks). Things will probably pick up again.

The actual product forums have been pretty active. And that is the main purpose of this place. The lounge is just a bonus. However, I do miss the “good ol’ days” when things were rolling along. I felt like I got to know a few individuals personally even though I will never meet them in person.

The “good folks still here” aren’t going anywhere from what I can tell and I feel blessed to share the same virtual space with many of you people.

It can only get better. The bettering depends on the input of individuals who give a sh!t, though! It is what it is.


<3 you too Scab :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mark! I was listening to your tunes just a couple day ago

I think things like Facebook have drawn some posters away. Also, with the passage of time, people
just naturally move on. But I think what one poster said awhile back got it right: a number of years ago,
there were still numerous issues with getting the software to work on numerous different configurations;
today, those problems are far less common. So people don’t have a need to visit like they once did