So what happened with Cubase iC on Android ?


I was really excited to first see this app on Android and yesterday wanted to load it back and couldn’t found it anymore, that’s really a bummer, I hoped to be able to use a surface to control some of the play/record functions. Is there any hope to see it back or is development definitely stopped ?



As I understand, the platform android have it’s difficulties regarding real-time application like audio processing.
Steinberg says they will be investigating further android updates to see if this changes.


Thank you, that’s sad, from my initial test when it was still online when I bought Cubase 8 pro I got it working, so strange …
Anyway, I really hope it will come back soon, this was quite handy and would hate to buy an ipad just for this.

Is Cubase supporting touch screen functionality like SONAR does ?


There is an last beta-release available. If cubase is building touch functionality I dunno know, it looks like they are (hence the sizable mixer).

Ok thank you I’ll check that out!

They should talk to IK Multimedia then, they seem to have solved the real-time processing issues with their products.

Seems that their high-end Android stuff is largely based around their iRig UA hardware, or the Pro Audio technology Samsung has in their later phones.

However, iC Pro has nothing to do with the audio capability of Android, though it would have been good if the actual final foldback signals were fed back to the device each artist uses. That would have really make them self-contained, even if they were only 44.1k 16bit, regardless of the project sample rate and depth. However, wireless latency may have limited its usefulness.

Where can I download the beta release ? Also on Android where can I find it ? I don’t seem to be able to find the beta, even the older version would have been cool as it worked before here …




here is a link to the public beta:


Is anyone currently using this successfully?


I think it is safe to assume that Steinberg have abandoned Android. I have stopped using this because even on HD+ screens you are only allowed the smartphone GUI if the physical size is below 8". It has some uses as a remote but offers little I can’t already do with a $5 USB numeric keypad, other than wireless connectivity.

Hi - and just checking, the public beta is only for Android 5 OS, tumbleweed city.

Perhaps that old tablet from 2 generations ago that I now use as a paperweight might be recycled as a basic remote sometime, but I’d much prefer a refund from Steinberg, so I could buy some pizza and beer.