so what if i want to use groups also?

if i have tracks set to a vca fader and those tracks to a group as well what happens?
cause you cant use a vca fader as a buss as far as inserts cause if you apply an insert it will just put them on all the tracks in the vca group.
so can a vca track be in a group track?

A VCA track has no signal and thus there is nothing to route to a group track.

The tracks linked to a VCA track can most certainly be routed to group tracks however.

See for a console world example of VCA group.
Youtube link

and then see the Cubase 8 Pro Advanced videos in the Steinberg channel
on youtube

So then the VCA would simply control the levels feeding into that Group

This brings up a question I had. Still pondering the jump from 7.5. Is there a benifit I’m not seeing for someone who’s likely going to be using group processing on channels he would link with the vca fader anyhow? Hmmm

A vca is just an remote/bundled control NOTHING more than that. And you can use it for any creative purpose you see fit.