So, what is the best way to download and install Cubase 11 pro please?

Hi, I ask because I have been unable to install cubase, see my post …Cubase skin not found…
I have re installed Windows 10 so I have a perfectly clean computer, I saw on a support page something about an installer being a bit dodgy and the library manager should be installed first but I think that was if I didn’t use the Steinberg download assistant,
so I suppose the question is…can I just download the steinberg assistant and install from there?
thanks for any help, really am a bit worried about ending up with the same issue on a new OS…


Yes, you can.

Ok thanks Martin…here goes…

So…it installed ok…so pleased after the problems i had which clearly must have something to do with the computer or the fact that I tried to download manually without installing the library manager first…cheers, Martin

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I’m glad you sorted it out.