So what version of Cubase are you running?

Thanks for the comeback!
Good suggestion on the restore point as well.

I found this post a while back and it seems many have the slow MIDI blues at startup, count yourself as fortunate that you do not. Here is the link:

Look for the post by Irregular with graphics in it. I did the registry hack in Windows and gosh my fingers are tired. I must have deleted 1000 or more keys, so far with no ill effects. The result? Well I had a good 30 second delay in the MIDI section and now that flies by in under a second or so. Total time to load Cubase is now under 8 seconds and it used to be well over 45 seconds, maybe a minute.

NOTE: If you try the hack back up your registry first and know what your doing. You end up making so many deletions that it is easy to get humming on the task and make a mistake!