So what version of Cubase are you running?

I got Cubase 7.5 installed and it seems to be working fairly well. Sure takes a long time to load the Midi part of the program. - Is that the same for you, around 30 seconds just for that section of the program to load?

My main question after reading about some issues in the different versions of Cubase is, what version are you running? I was going to load 7.5.2 but read the mixer has some issues. Thus I guess a better question to ask you is what version of Cubase would you rather be running?

Thanks for your help as I contemplate upgrading further.


I’m running 7.5.
My loading time isn’t long like that. It does take some time on the MIDI load part, but
it’s not even 30 seconds for the total load-up time .
Maybe 15 seconds total, if that.

I skipped the 7.5.10 update, but finally did the 7.5.20 one about a week ago.

I haven’t noticed any mixer issues, but it may be too soon to tell.
Some had some install troubles but I didn’t.

If you’re concerned about it, [7.5.20], consider setting a restore point so you can go back to where you are now.

Thanks for the comeback!
Good suggestion on the restore point as well.

I found this post a while back and it seems many have the slow MIDI blues at startup, count yourself as fortunate that you do not. Here is the link:

Look for the post by Irregular with graphics in it. I did the registry hack in Windows and gosh my fingers are tired. I must have deleted 1000 or more keys, so far with no ill effects. The result? Well I had a good 30 second delay in the MIDI section and now that flies by in under a second or so. Total time to load Cubase is now under 8 seconds and it used to be well over 45 seconds, maybe a minute.

NOTE: If you try the hack back up your registry first and know what your doing. You end up making so many deletions that it is easy to get humming on the task and make a mistake!


Thanks for the post link LB. That’s a really interesting read.

Good thoughts about the registry.

I’ll have a good look at mine, but I’ll most likely leave it as is.

I’m ok with my load time the way it is, and just don’t want to mess anything up.

I’m currently running in safe mode for the first time ever, so I’m working through that for now.

Yeah the Reg Hack is not for those that are not comfortable doing it. It sure took a long time. I thought I had a semi small task at hand deleting a couple hundred keys. But it took a long time to delete over a 1000 or so of them. I am no programmer but I wonder if the issue is that Windows puts those duplicate keys in as place holders to support hardware/drivers that may be added over time. Sadly Cubase for some reason is programed to scan and read those redundant keys and that means a potential big delay when the MIDI section of Cubase loads. One would think there is a better way of doing that, which would result in a much quicker load time. I am sure Steinberg is aware of the issue, but whether or not it will ever be fixed is another question.

Not sure what you are doing running in Safe mode as most use that as a diagnostic tool. But take care and rock on…


7.5.20 on i7 4770 running Win 8.1. No problems. Very stable.