So whats the deal with MPEX??!

Well, I do not understand. Lets say I have an audiotrack (vox or bass or a fart-solo) warped in the sample editor using audiowarp. What a great feature. Then, later - I can use the option “render realtime stuff” (I do not have a clue how this is called in the english version, I hope you know what I mean)… When I do that I can choose from the different algos… Realtime as well as a dozend versions of MPEX.

I never used this feature because in the past I stepped over issues - Audio messed up completely when using anything but Realtime. So instead of that I am usually doing a basic consolidate to have solid audiofiles… So, beeing in 5.5.4 - I thought today - lets do it, after 3 years they surely have it fixed.

Well - I converted realime-edited stuff using “MPEX Solo” - everything is completely out of Time!!?

So, maybe someone can explain what is going on here. Is it ment to be this way?!


No one ever used audio-warp and realtime-timestretch?

Hello Brandy.

It seems that nobody cares…

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