So when is 10.0.20 going to be released? Sometime soon or??? Just wondering.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Before mid February

Hard to believe this was released on Oct 19, 2019 and I have still have not installed it.

Hoping this new patch is well tested, stable and helps to change the narrative for the positive for WL 10.


Which is sensible … if you’re busy why would you rush to a new version of any software that you rely on.

That said, 10.0.10 addressed a bunch of stuff and, like others, I made the transition following that release. On a Windows 10 system, it’s arguably more stable than 9.5 and seems to use resources more efficiently. I am ITB and I’m not encountering any ‘showstopping’ issues. Probably worth giving it a spin now maybe …

Well - I am not coming at this from a “rush to a new version” perspective - more from a “Wow - how one of my most reliable packages has completely fallen apart”. I think it took putting a date out there to really realize just how adverse I am to going to v10.

This was not the case in years previous - I do not think I have ever waited almost 4 months to “consider” installing an update (especially one that I already purchased). After reading all the horror stories in here on v10 - my confidence level is not improving.

Which is why I am hoping we see a positive with this new patch - if not - 9.5 may be my stop with WL.

It does continue to baffle me how the base code from 9.5 - which I assume forms the basis for v10 - could suddenly become so bad so fast. I would have expected a new feature to maybe need a bit of polish - but it seems like the whole app has said “Stay away” over the last three months.

I am also really concerned about how long it took to get this patch in the pipeline as well. If this was Studio One causing a uproar like the early days of v10 did - there would have been several “calming” patches within days of release.

It just feels (to me) like this thing is getting too big for PG and that is starting to show in the need to wait 3+months to gain some system stability.

At the pro level (which this app always seem to claim it is) - that is unacceptable. Especially when money has been exchanged.


I also feel that maintenance updates for WaveLab are way too infrequent. It’s not 1997 anymore, sending updates out on a CD/DVD/USB etc… WaveLab 10 was probably best to release at NAMM time when it was more stable. October was way too soon.

REAPER has very stable public betas every few days, any official updates every few weeks. Things get fixed FAST. That’s a good model for modern software, but with larger companies comes more red tape and slower progress.

While I’m using WaveLab 10 for my daily work, I do see reports about others who couldn’t really use it until 10.0.10 and even some that have some moderate to serious issues with 10.0.10 that hopefully 10.0.20 will solve but as mentioned, 4 months later.

Because the implementation of proper multi-channel file handling (which we have been told is in progress, and was originally intended for v10) inevitably requires at least the older parts of the code-base to be re-engineered from the ground up. Sadly, this means new bugs to be fixed - but I’m sure it won’t take as long as some people fear.


Ironically - large companies (especially Steinberg) SHOULD be more modern, since they have more resource and talent to throw at the problem - but it’s amazing how much more nimble and responsible smaller shops are.

4 months for a “stabilizer” patch to WL is not a good sign at all. While I hear @pwhodges on the multi channel challenges - that is not something that should be aired in public or foisted on the entire user base during a paid upgrade cycle.

If the code is undergoing massive changes to accommodate some other lesser used function - that is no excuse to hobble the entire user base. EIther release a stable (non-problematic) version that everyone can get on with or hold your changes until such time (like a 10.5 upgrade) where they actually work and do not impact the user base at large.

I did not ask for multi-channel anything - but seems because of it - I can’t even trust the current install to do what 9.5 did normally. I do not think I am alone with this assessment.



Hard to believe this was released on Oct 19, 2019 and I have still have not installed it.

If you haven’t even tried eg. 10.0.10, why criticizing then? :wink:

Ok, WaveLab 10.0.0 had some flaws. But many were corrected in version 10.0.10, 7 weeks after release. And the soon coming 10.0.20 will solve most issues reported so far. Many things were rewritten inside WaveLab 10, to facilitate future developments, and some bugs have happened during this rejuvenation process. This is not an excuse, but a transparent explanation.

To put things into perspective, WaveLab 9.5 has seen 8 updates after its 1st release, and the last update was released 17 months after the initial release.

Dear Philippe,

I appreciate your work and love working with WaveLab Pro but this WavLab 10 and the “update” never should have been sold to paying
customers, at least on a Mac. It often feels like an early beta version. Only one hour ago again I had to throw a recording to the trash because the input setup collapsed. Another application changed the parameters while recording. THAT happens only with WaveLab and no other program I am using. I can easily switch between iTunes, Jriver MediaCenter, isotope RX 7 Editor and every program remains stable, plays or records with the correct pitch and speed. WaveLab doesn’t.

10.0.10 is 'stable. I … along with others … am using it literally everyday. And that patch came out within 7 weeks. If you’ve got the time, give it a go …

It is NOT STABLE here. Trying to use it some but it keeps having problems so I am sticking to 9.5.5 until 10 has all the bugs out of it. Congrats if you are able to use it on a daily basis.

Right in the middle of a recording it just quit. Never happens on 9.5.5. Something is messed up in the basic program. This whole MULTI CHANNEL quest seems to have put a monkey wrench into the basic frame work of the application. Personally I could care less about multi channel. I just want it to work.

I can’t believe how “7 weeks” seem to be of little concern to people. You do know that is like almost 2 months to do a bloody bug fix - right? What kind of bug fix patch takes 7 weeks? Here in 2020 - any company that really cares about their product and their customers should be delivering some sort of relative stability in 7 days.

Judging by the overall “vibe” in here - 10.0.10 is NOT stable. Having a handful of folks claim stability is not fooling anyone - especially when one of those people is the developer - who would never use WL like we would.

All I know is - a truly stable patch (One where the masses actually thank PG for it being solid) - will be very obvious from the forum population when it finally hits.

Threads like this one (and many others where people are getting riled up) do not exist when things are good.

Just sayin.



Your “transparent explanation” is appreciated. However I do not feel the need to pay for it.

If you have some cool future developments to improve the product - I salute you. We will all benefit from your skill at some point - but baking these half finished, clearly troublesome changes into the initial release of WL 10 was a disaster - and you know it was.

As a long time paying customer - I have come to trust that you know exactly what you are doing and when to release specific functionality to make WL progressively better.

What you should have done is either put a rock solid “basic” WL 10 out as the October 2019 release (building off of 9.5’s massive stability) without any of this “rejuvenation process” code in the product and then refined it, added it and TESTED it relentlessly for a future “bigger” 10.5 release. Or you should have waited to do the initial WL10 release here in mid 2020 when the code would have had many months to be tested and that first release would be solid.

What it actually looks like is that someone over there at Steinberg HQ was so focused on scraping renewal dollars that you guys threw WL10 out there knowing full well it was in a sad state and hoped that you could ride out the customer complaints because nothing worked right. And then add insult to injury by taking 7 weeks to get the first patch out. Which also has it’s moments it seems.

Seriously - I am not sure what you hoped to gain by releasing WL10 in Oct 2019 (except to maybe meet some internal marketing strategy) as it is clearly not ready for prime time even almost 4 months later.

But you have my money now and I have little choice but to wait it out. It’s a good thing that 9.5.5 is so solid. I remain hopeful that you can get v10 working as good or better than 9.5 soon.


The criticism in this thread is not out of correct arguments. And surely there is always a sort of pressure financial wise to come up with a new version.

In the same way I can remember that some of the users here asked on nearly daily basis in this forum when the next version will be released and why it took so long…

You’re right, a new release should be at least workable ready and until yet it’s not completely the case.

Steinberg’s conclusion (and also PGs) might be waiting the next time until the code is completely tested and validated and stay quiet with any comments about a new release with all pros and cons.

I’m happy that Steinberg - until now - doesn’t changed the pricing model into a monthly based rate as other companies do already. I feel it is possible that this might change for a more solid financial position. So the software might be continuously be updated when “ready for the market”.

But this kind of pressure - not speaking about the companies internal one - about an absolutely inevitable next “too late” release and too many bugs hereafter doesn’t feel good from my personal perspective.

So, I want to thank PG for his hard work on the one hand and for being part of the forum even in this “complicated position” he’s now in.

And moreover I hope Steinberg doesn’t change the way of pricing on a monthly basis.

Just my point of view. And sorry for jumping in this thread with my special sight of this issue(s)…

Given the sad state of this software from Oct 2019 to now - do you really blame people (who paid good money for this “upgrade”) for asking (nearly daily) where the “next” version is?

If you read between the lines - they/we/I were not clamoring for the “next” version - what we were really asking for is one that actually worked.


Sort of misinterpretation - or maybe not described well enough - I spoke about the initial release of the “WL10” release and not of the awaited updates for abolish the included problems.

Maybe my fault and next time my description will be more detailed…but that does not change my point of view…

I know this seems obvious but nothing can be done about it now. We all know that PG works his ass off 7 days a week on WaveLab and is very helpful/active on this forum 7 days a week too. Try getting ahold of anybody that has anything to do with Logic or Pro Tools :smiley:

I do hope that Steinberg takes note of this that despite what the marketing department says/wants, it doesn’t do any good to release software that isn’t ready. Clearly the audio engine overhaul that needed to happen for the new and future feature additions was more complicated than expected, and some things weren’t revealed until

Sales will happen when the software is ready, but releasing something that generates this number of negative forum threads (not just here but other audio forums) does more harm than good in the eyes of those who were considering finally trying WaveLab.

Pretty much everybody on this forum doesn’t need to be sold on WaveLab, but it’s not a good image for the curious.

Maybe in the future Steinberg needs to NOT announce a new version of WL until is is ready for prime time. I think this version was rushed for the AES convention in October, which is fine IF IT WORKED WELL OUT OF THE BOX, which it did not. I am sticking to WL 9.5.5 until WL 10 is stable. It is not stable here and I lost a whole day’s work due to it crashing over and over. Not a good thing for a professional piece of software. PG is the BEST and I have nothing but GREAT things to say about him and his dedication to WL. On the other hand Steinberg seems to lately be more interested in their profits and not in producing a working piece of software. I have been with WL since version 1.6.2 and my whole mastering business is based on it. All these changes to the basic structure of WL 10 has made it unstable and although I do not need multi-channels for my work I understand others do. The same things happened when WL 7 and 8 were released. Major changes to the underlying code created a mess. When WL 9 came out it was a welcome change and the ribbon was a stroke of genius. Now we seem to be stuck with a crippled WL10 and I am hoping the WL 10.0.02 will correct most, if not all of the problems that have shown up. Thanks to PG we have someone on this forum who is both helpful and professional and can answer questions in a timely manner. I look forward to WL 10.0.02 when ever it is released.

Steinberg is getting a lot of negative comments on other forums for not putting out a working piece of software and that cannot be good for them or for their business. Wake up Steinberg. FWIW

PG - my advice (from years and years of this) is just own the problem - don’t deflect it - claim “we’re holding it wrong”, tell us how great 9.5 was…eventually,

own it - apologise - and fix it…and if you can’t tell us why

just my 2c