So when will we see New GA

Wondering when we will see the next version ??
I use HALion 5 for everything :smiley: but would love to add
a dedicated Drum plugin and a Steinberg one at that…
Im a little hardcore steinberg, Stock Plugins and HALion 5.
Hey it works and Im happy with the results…
But me being a drummer with a V drum kit, yes a dedicated
Drum vsti in the second Slot of the Instruments rack.
Would Rock

Aloha i,

The last ‘official’ announcement on this was waaay back in January.
I’m sure you have read it by now, but just in case not,

I too am looking forward to this.

In a ‘live’ situation I am all Steiny as well.

Less hassles and probs from 3rd party stuff
and good enough for a typical hotel, restaurant, night club, pool side etc audience.

On stage I live at the sm58/Ford F150/Mackie vz level. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Get er done, collect the $$ and then go home and use much better stuff.