So, where has the "Nuendo Inside" section gone

Has “Nuendo Inside” been abandoned? It was announced there would be monthly insights into development, discussion about new features and now with the new forum… gone!

And even more important, what is the status of show/hide implementation?

Really waiting for that next update, hope show/hide gets as well implemented for project view and MIDI editors as in ProTools. :slight_smile:

Good question, where has that gone? Still hoping for VCA implementation. John.

Was that announced? Totally missed that info…

Can’t say I saw it announced, just hoping. John.

Good point… would like to know as well

Hi all,

the Nuendo Inside section will come back in February with the next round of “Nuendo Inside”.
This will be the first Nuendo Inside session in the new forum.

All the best,

Very cool! Thanks for the info Timo!

Thanks Timo!

thumbs up !!!