So your telling me since I lost my dongle in a fire...

So your telling me since I lost my dongle in a fire but have all recipts, and the original box that I would have to buy Cubase 6 “full version” at full price??? I’m having to come here to the forums to hopefully get answers cuz steinberg stoped responding to my questions. I was not ugly,rude, or being negitive what so ever. I spent not only good money for the DAW but also bought so many add ons and vst extras. Which brings me to a conclusion… SO THAT’S WHY PIRACY EXIST HEAVILY IN THE DAW MARKET.! Well you know, I would totally be willing to pay as much as 100$ to replace what was lost, but having to pay 400$ bones again? Well Reaper has done by me great! And my pirated version of Cubase is working just fine. What’s that? I don’t get customer support using Pireted copies? I NEVER GOT CUSTOMER SUPORT TO BEGIN WITH FROM THE START!!! Oh and last year i asked them for a replacement disk cuz of mine just spontaneously stoped working and it took MONTHS to get it and can anyone guess what happened next? Anyone? … That’s right! It did not work!! Unbelievable. For such an amazing product backed up by such horrible customer service followed by a dongle made from greed

I´m not telling you anything at all…

Alone from this one post, I´m sure even if you wanted, you could never be…

I’m not sure if that was sarcasm. But I’m sure most people would react the same if not worse if put in same situation. Start messing with a man’s DAW and you’ll see the frustration fly

Strange because I have seen cases where legitimate users lost or broke dongles and were able to get up and going again. Of course, they had to buy a new dongle.

Sorry to hear about the fire

I also think registering the dongle at Mysteinberg helps.

Guys, obviously I’m ignorant on what I need to do in my situation? So if I buy a new dongal (no problem) what do I do from there? And why did customer support not tell me this? And what about my install disc? How do I get back recording guys? And thank you for the condolences

There are some who would suggest that if your equipment was destroyed in a fire and you have receipts for everything, that your insurance company should cover the expense of replacing Cubase (and anything else that burned up).

But this assumes you had some sort of fire insurance policy in the first place.

However, there have been cases where Steinberg has replaced damaged dongles when the remnants of the thing and proper documentation have been sent to them. Do you still have the charred remains or photographs or anything to prove that dongle is dead but exists in some physical form?

well as perverse as this my seem to you you will need contact support again!!!

I would have thought if you have proof of purchase then you should get somewhere.

Also as you seem to have registered here, did that not require a licence number?

Again, the USB-eLicenser is the most vital part of your product!
Please make sure to have all keys registered in MySteinberg so that the key number is known. Without a MySteinberg account and a USB-eLicenser registration, no replacement is possible.
Now, in case the USB-eLicenser has been lost or stolen, please contact your local support for further information on how to proceed.
It might make sense to have an empty spare USB-eLicenser at hand as we only replace the licenses stored on the lost/stolen key (if all preconditions are met).

My opinion - just my opinion. its up to Steinberg really. If you lost your sofa in the fire you would not expect to go back to the sofa shop and demand a new sofa - maybe its not quite the same…

I do think that over the years Steinberg has looked after its users so you might get lucky

Here is a pic of the license hard copy that came with my Delivered order of cubase 6

First off, you should not post a pic on a public forum that shows your registration code. It’s probably ok, but still…

Secondly, what the hell does “The USB licenser contains a license to operate the sw for a total of 25 non-consecutive hours” mean?

The retail version cant be used for more than 25 hours? And what if you did want to use it for 25 consecutive hours? Obviously I am missing something here…

The dongle will run the program for 25 NC hours without registering it. Demo mode. After that “grace period”, you have to register it permanently.

I have had a look at your account and was able to find the USB-eLicenser number with the help of the activation code you posted. You contacted support in January and reported the USB-eLicenser as broken. On January 23rd, we sent replacement activation codes for you to download the licenses on a new USB-eLicenser.
Could it be that this email never reached you? I see that the replacement activation codes have never been used.

I am going to send a PM containing the codes. You can either buy a new empty USB-eLicenser or use the other USB-eLicenser that is already registered in MySteinberg. If you choose to buy a new one, please make sure to register it in MySteinberg as well!

I am sorry if it looked like we never responded to your request!

Whoops :mrgreen:

Seems his pirated version is running so well, he doesn´t need anymore license codes… :mrgreen:

So, that’s alright then. :unamused:

C’mon Mods.

Well … if OP lives in The US of A, he has every right to use cracked copy, if he cannot replace the dongle:

But after seeing Ed’s post, it looks like there have been communication problem, and the issue will be solved.

Interesting. I never knew about that. It does say that it is for “dongles that no longer work AND CAN NOT BE REPLACED” though. Lawyers love this kind of language. Of course, it can be replaced. It reminds me of when I had a Commodore 64 and some video games some years ago. Back then, allegedly, it was legal to crack and copy your video games (or tape your albums) as a means to protect yourself from their loss (i.e. as a personal backup) so long as you did not distribute or sell the copies.

I bet they do. I should have read the whole law text before making my comment, because what I quoted can’t be The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth. But because I’m lazy … and because the laws of The US of A don’t apply to me as long as I’m not on the US soil, I don’t bother.

Sigh! … I had also C128D, though. And the laws in my country also allowed me to make copies of my friend’s games (and everything I could get my hands on) back then. It was simple: copying (music, software, books) allowed for personal use.