Soft breaks

I’d really like to see more option for soft breaks in Dorico. This applies to:

  • Manually staff visibility
  • Brackets and braises

What I mean is that the change will not apply before next break.
As is Manually staff visibility creates break, and that makes a lot of errors when altering other settings later.

And for brackets and braises I get a lot of errors changing brackets one in one group, then other groups are changed.


Can you explain what you want a bit more? You want the change to apply at a different place to where the break actually is?

Well, my point is:
Do really manual staff visibility need to create a break on that exact point? Or can it wait until next natural occurring break?
I’m convinced the latter would often be much better.

Let’s say I have a divisi colo cello and gli altri cellos, then I want the solo cello to be visible where it starts. But I do not want to create an extra break.
Ok, I can choose the point where that system starts. But then, after doing a few other changes later, that break should maybe be a bar later, or a bar before.
But as Dorico has now forced a break on previous location. If the break was soft, then I wouldn’t have check for error and move it.

Hmm. In my experience, there are often dangers from not explicitly setting decent breaks where there is divisi (which doesn’t require a break).

Telling Dorico “I’d like you to hide staves somewhere around here, but I’ll leave it up to you” is likely to be one of those circular conditions, where Dorico can’t decide what to do until it’s done it.

Manually set breaks may not be optimal, and need adjusting (which you can do by moving them left and right), but their fixed-ness is an overwhelming advantage.

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Forgive me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you are trying to sort out layout issues before having completed note entry, which is definitely an inefficient workflow in Dorico.