soft e-licenser activation problem - intra alia

Hello I bought and downloaded Dorico. There are indeed several issues in the implementation and random inexplicable happenings. But I shall persevere and try to un-fathom the peculiarities. So - Having read Daniel’s 27th July article about licensing, I expected to be able to have Dorico installed on my laptop for travel purposes (via the soft e-licenser) and enable my Steinberg/Vienna key to select which desktop computer I could run Dorico on. I have a PC and a Mac Pro. Some tasks have proven to be better performed in either and also I am able via the Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 to have all three computers successfully connected by ethernet wire to allow large orchestrations to spread the cpu and sample load. I presume that eventually since VEP is vst3 that Dorico could address this situation. But I was not allowed the choice on install of having one of my computers to be a soft e-licenser so as to allow the laptop to run Dorico with Strings and Brass sections and a second computer to have the usb key, so as to engage in a selective process of electing which desktop to run Dorico with a full woodwind section and the other desktop to receive and sort/edit the audio - eg, eg. In other words to have full flexibility. And of course also to allow Dorico the fly abroad on the laptop whilst the Mac Pro stayed at home with the usb dongle safely attached for connection via the web.
All my other programs allow this flexibility. After all it is a single user in his/her own environment. I think Yamaha ( to whom I have donated many many thousands of pounds over the past 40 years ) ought to bear down on its adopted Steinberg child and require some adjustment of the Cubase/Nuendo historical and current licensing restrictions. I have only been able to get round these irksome limitations by owning both of the main Steinberg products and also two separate Cubase 7.5 and 8.5 licenses, and I have been a loyal Steinberg supporter since the earliest days more than 30 years ago on the Atari - BC ( ie Before Cubase ). I was also a supporter in 1982 of the Yamaha MSX computer. In addition I ran Creator and Notator from their inception and transformation into Logic. They always had superior score-writing facilities than Steinberg, and in many ways Logic is still better than the competitors due to the robust DAW audio midi and score integration.
Can Daniel please express these frustrations to the overlord, and ask that all Dorico users be given a second e-license?

Thanks for your feedback, mum-cush+. As we have said in this thread, we are always evaluating possible improvements to our eLicenser technology that both serve our business needs and meet the requirements of our customers, and I am hopeful that in the medium- to long-term things will be in a much better state.