Soft E-Licenser broken on W11 after 12.0.51


I just realized today, when running my e-licenser control app, that the soft e-licenser was unrecoverable, the physical e-licenser was OK.
I tried, as mentionned in several threads here, to run the elicenser control in admin mode, but in W11 this app refuses to start with message :
Application LCC2 has caused the following error
Process with the ID not found.
Options : Click OK to abort.

The last line is very ironical.

With 12.0.50 everything was ok.
Any idea ?

reboot ?

No effect

The main problem is the soft e-licenser broken.

Hi @csurieux,

Windows or Mac OS?

I had this for a couple of times with version
It’s really annoying and time consuming.
I could only get eLCC to work again by using the repair installer, and then had to re-register the licenses I needed to run with the software license container.

Yet there’s a way to - or at least try to - prevent this from happening:

always check if the eLicenser Control Center is the actual version, or if it needs to be updated, before any other Steinberg install process.
Which also includes that really unneccesary automated install of - let’s say - a Cubase update right from Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA, as opposed to just downloading the update package and install it at will some time later). Steinberg really shouldn’t combine too many automated installations whenever a user just wants to download major software with SDA, just to make things “easier” for some users (this is exactly what ruined a couple of eLCC installations on one of my machines).

So, even if you’d have to check that status every day, you should check if eLCC is indeed the latest version. Never open SDA before checking, since it would automatically try to update eLCC (and other things) without further asking the user. Thus, on some machines, an existing software eLicenser installation might be at risk of being ruined (most probably due to some errors within the local user rights structure - which is nobody’s fault, but can still happen).

so, never ever let an automated (bundled) installer also install eLCC during its scripted routine.
Usually, every major Steinberg install package that still also uses eLicenser will try to update all relevant utilities and eLCC (Cubase / Nuendo, → Steinberg Download Assistant, etc.).
Instead, and once you know that an update of eLCC is due, get the latest installer from Steinberg’s direct download site (and compare the versions, actual version is - EDITED Dec 05, 2022: new version

Then make sure that eLCC’s installer is being run with administrator rights.

After installation, and upon starting eLCC for the first time, there should be an empty software container which has a serial number. If it has none, it’s defective (incomplete installation).

Only if that crypted software container is there, you can re-register its license number with Steinberg’s eLicensing server and use it - like you normally would - to re-register / re-download all relevant eLicenses.
Any other Steinberg installer that is being used after succesfully updating eLCC won’t likely bother you, as it should be able to detect an existing latest version of eLCC (just to auto-skip this partial install process).

Only if all this fails, then the “remove & repair” installer version of eLCC needs to be used. You can get it from here:

Hope that this helps, and best wishes,

It is Windows 11.
Fortunately the sof e-licenser was empty, all my licenses were on a physical e-licenser, and the eLCC has no problems with it.
But I won’t stay with this error each time I open eLCC.
Your recomandations are welcome, but conercerning Windows 11 (last update) it seems that there is a problem running eLCC in Admin mode as I reported.
And generaly I am not fan of running anything in Admin mode if the soft is not asking itself to gain an Admin access level.
Thank you for the download link, I will do the uninstall/repair step and check the version before each new install.
I hope that Steinberg will move all its software to the new licensing system allowing to get rid of eLCC usage, the sooner the better. :wink:

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Hi @csurieux,

there should be absolutely no problems with running any executable with local Administrator rights in Windows 11.

Since on my only test machine that runs Windows 11 it turned out to be much too annyoing for me to use that new layered context menu, I used the following workaround (link below). This way, access to the function “Run as Administrator” by just right clicking an executable is again as simple as in Windows 10 (and earlier versions of Windows):

After the Registry modification, your RIGHT CLICK context menu in Windows Explorer should look like this (I’m using the German localisation):

And yes, you’re absolutely right: all current items (software, instruments, content) should be migrated to the new licensing system. There seems to be a lot of extra work for the devs, though. Perhaps Steinberg’s 2 years license migration schedule still won’t give them enough time, so perhaps it’ll need to be prolonged. Better things are done in the best way than too hasty and with buggy results.