Soft E-licensing and activation code issues

I set up my cubase about 6 months ago and did a bunch of recording and mixing down songs to MP3 format so I could burn to CD. I had few problems as a new inexperienced user.

Due to my touring schedule I did not work in my studio for several months and just came back to it recently. The first time I tried to mixdown music to MP3 I was unable to as a window popped up saying my coding/license had expired.

When I initially set up my Steinberg/Cubase account it said I had unlimited “licensing”. Now it is telling me it has expired.

When I tried to go through the “license re-activation” process I ran into numerous problems. The activation code number was not being accepted by the soft e-license number and vise/versa.

I then uninstalled E-Licenser and reinstalled it. The new E-license number does not work with the activation code I have and I can’t seem to find a NEW activation code anywhere.

Now I can no longer even open CUBASE LE 6 on my computer as it says I have no license?

I’m losing my mind!!! and unable to work.

Can somebody please help me?

Thank you, Chris Fitz

You need to go into your mysteinberg account for the reactivation code. There might be a button right there to do that or you might have to request it (I don’t remember).

You never mentioned if you purchased the .mp3 patch that upgrades the CB LE 6 to unlimited .mp3 mixdowns. That might have been the reason for the start of these issues. Regardless, it costs about $15 so if you need it… get it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thank you very much for responding. Steinberg sent me a new activation code and
I seemed to have succesfully reinstalled my new licensing. Still have to go to Cubase to see if everything is back in order and not sure yet if I need to to upgrade to the unlimited mixdown with this new license. For $15 I will do it.

Cheers, Chris

Glad it is sorted. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: