Soft eLicence for Cubase Elements?

Hi, I’m a Cubase Pro 7.5 user.
I want to install the Cubase Artist or Elements on my new mobile device without a dongle.
Is this possible? I have heard that pro users have the right to use lower versions, and that the Elements version can be installed with soft eLicense without usb.
If this is possible, can you tell me more about what to do?
I have a Pro 7.5 license key in a usb dongle.
Thanks! :smiley:

If you want to run elements with a soft eLicense, you have to buy a license that comes with a soft eLicense. Otherwise you can run Cubase Elements with your Pro license and your USB key.

oh… really? T.T
That’s so sad news for me… ah…T.T

but thanks for reply!