Soft-elicencer licenses disabled after change graphics card

Hi There,

Today I changed my graphics card. When I restarted the system, I had to set time and date to correct values. After doing so, on starting up Nuendo I get the message:

Your system finger print is not valid anymore.
The systems’ hardware configuration has been changed
Soft-eLicencer "SeL Nr. 39526xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx’ and stored licences have been disabled.
Hardware eLicencers are not affected.

Please contact your software vendors’ support department for help and reactivation.

When I try to repair, message stays same.

Can you help me with this?

this is quite normal and the biggest downside of protection which is hardware based (as opposed to using a key).

most of the soft elicenser stuff is plugins or vstis. if you open up the elicenser app you can see the soft elicenser tab. find out what the licenses are for then get in touch with the plugin manufacturer. it’s also possible to move a soft elicense to a key if required to avoid this happening in the future.

I Think it must be the demo version of halion Strings (which was expired already…) However there is no info at the elicencer tab. Can I remove the licence or is there another way to get rid of the message on nuendo startup?

Solved the problem by setting date to 2001, then to 2014 and then back to today. Then choose repair soft eLlicencer.

I have exactyl the same pb. eLicenser sucking messages annoy me every day.