Soft elicense 4 demo 9 isn't working on Mac after 300 attempts

I am glad I am trying the demo because it is a nightmare trying to figure out how to even get it running for the first time. I through the I managed to learn every crazy license scheme out there. This one just goes around and around and nothing changes.
I can see the soft e thing but it has a red circle with a bar thing. I registered it online and that worked but not when I start the demo. I tried the e thing helper but that didnt help. I tried the instructions for everything but it still doesn’t work.
I thought this looked like a good product after watching the junkiexl videos. I guess fame and fortune will be on hold until I figure this out. Then all my dreams will come true.
I am on a MacBook Pro (glad I didn’t try it on my main rig) with the latest up to date macOS. I suppose this could be the culprit.
But still, a demo that introduces prospective customers to a demo you have to jump through hoops for?
Also, I am not really interested in cubase 9 Pro. Probably artist or elements. I would rather demo one of these but that doesn’t seem to be an option.
Sorry I this seems a little manic, its mostly for me. It helps me think through the process to see if I made any user errors.

The artist and pro version requires an eLicenser Dongle to work and can not be demoed without.
The elements version can run using a Soft elicenser, the license then gets tied to the Computer and not a Dongle.