Soft Elicense Issues...Please Help!

Hello, Forum:

I purchased Pro 9 online yesterday and after installing it on my Windows 10 Surface Book, registering the Soft Elicense with my Steinberg account (it shows on my account on, when I open the Elicense Control Center I can see the Soft Elicenser on the left of the screen on startup, it says that it is stored on the hard disk and bound to my computer, and yet when I enter my activation code the next screen shows a hard disk icon with a red circle/slash and the control center says there is no Elicenser connected to my computer.

I have the most recent edition of Elicenser Control Center installed, and have uninstalled and reinstalled everything once at this point and the same issue continues.

If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or what to do so I can activate the software, I’d really appreciate it!

Peace, Shawn

Hi revgarvey,

It is not possible to activate a Cubase Pro or Artist 9 licenses on a Soft-eLicenser.

To be able to activate your Cubase Pro 9 license you need a USB-eLicenser.

If you have purchased a full version of Cubase Pro 9 (and not a upgrade from a lower version), a USB-eLicenser should be included in the box.


Hello, Jochen:

Thank you for your response. I purchased this as a software download through Musician’s Friend here in the US…no box. Are you saying that I need to additionally purchase a USB dongle to make this work? It looked as if the Elicenser I had was using a software-based dongle rather than the USB version…?

Any help you could give me would be appreciated…


Yes, since you purchased a download access code you will need to purchase an additional USB eLicenser to activate the software. It can be purchased here:

Thank you.