Soft eLicenser deactivated.

Alright so I bought Cubase pro 9.5 yesterday but I can’t seem to get the eLicenser to reactivate. I tried uninstalling it and installing it multiple times, I followed the instructions on here:
and I still can’t get the soft-eLicenser to activate. It’s deactivated so I can’t use it:

Can someone please help? It’s really annoying because I’ve been trying to solve this for the past day,
Thanks. :frowning:


Cubase Pro does require the USB-eLicenser; it doesn’t work with the Soft-eLicenser.

So you need to obtain a USB-eLicenser and download your license onto it.

PS. The Soft-eLicenser is not “deactivated”.
It is just not selectable in the license download dialog, because it is not an eligible device for downloading your Cubase Pro license to.

So wait it doesn’t come with the packet when I buy Cubase pro 9.5? I have to buy it separately?!

It should be included with the package, except when you’re upgrading from an older version that already required a USB-eLicenser.

Please check out the requirements here:

Also, if you’re buying the download-only version (that has no packaging), you need to acquire a USB-eLicenser separately.